Diplomacy like modification?

  • Dear all,

    apologies is this is not the right place in the forum or if this has already been discussed elsewhere. I'm new to the forum and just had a little go at modifying .xml files.

    Anyhow, I wonder if anyone has ever considered modifying the TripleA gameplay to mimic a classic Diplomacy style gaming, whereby all combat movements by all players would be submitted to the game engine before this resolves them at the same time. This would work best if, when doing your combat move, one could not see where the previous players have already moved their units, but only see their position as they where at the end of the previous turn (obviously this would work best on-line). Non-combat movement, unit purchasing and placement could follow or precede this simultaneous combat-movement and combat phases as normal. Blitzing could be problematic (potential conflicts) but there may be ways around it.

    Any idea? Is this even possible to implement by just modifying the maps.xml files?


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    @Marc-Sarzi said in Diplomacy like modification?:

    Any idea? Is this even possible to implement by just modifying the maps.xml files?

    Not possible.

    @RoiEX Should this topic be locked as duplicate of:

  • @Cernel ok thanks 😞

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    @Cernel Not necessary. Providing the link like you just did is absolutely fine.

    @Marc-Sarzi Yeah it's a real bummer that simultaneous movement is not possible. You can do a lot with the xml, but there are just some core concepts that can't be changed.
    As developers we're in a long process of modernising the code and TripleA itself in multiple areas, but core gameplay is simply not a priority. There are tons of more pressing problems to solve and simultaneous movement isn't just something one can implement in an afternoon. TripleA is open source after all, so if you're ambitious enough, at least in theory, you could contribute for this to eventually become a reality.

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