Chain a notification off of a User Action

  • So we can tie sounds to notifications as @Frostion lays out in this thread,
    which has me wondering, can we also tie user actions to notifications?

    What I am thinking is having a user action where if they choose to perform the action by clicking the button, I'd like to immediately throw up a notification. I'm 99% sure I can do this through trigger management, but the essence of the topic is whether or not we can fire it directly from the file e.g.:


    The notification_spelunking being a key in the file which prompts a different dialog box.

    I suppose I should just try it and see (and I likely will) but if anyone happens to know offhand you could save me some time 🙂

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    @Michael-Hoover I've never tried it, but, as far as I know, user actions can activate whatever triggers, also multiple per action, thus I assume you can activate notifications too (being a type of trigger). The question, however, is how that would mix with the fact that the user action notifies the outcome of itself, at about the same moment. I suppose that would cause redundancy, so I assume you are not supposed to use notifications with user actions (since you already have items called "notification" within the "actionstext" properties).

  • @Cernel Along that line of thought, perhaps a better way of phrasing what I was trying to say is this:
    Rather than the outcome of the user action being notified of itself, could we substitute (or just reference) something from the notifications file?

    I'm confident I can do this because the userActionAttachment has the activateTrigger option and the triggerAttachment has the notification option. This method will work, I was just hoping for a shortcut 🙂

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