Play options - synchronous vs asynchronous?

  • Used to play Axis and Allies years ago with my friends and son and loved it.

    Found TripleA a 4-5 years ago and really enjoyed playing against the AI. Played 1-2 games against my son as well.

    I haven't played TripleA in a few years. But now I live further away from my son and we are looking at ways of playing together again.

    I downloaded the latest version and was looking into how to play it. One option is to play live with my son for a regular time each week and save it. The problem is trying to find a time that works for both of us.

    This made me wonder if playing asynchronously might be a better option where we can each enter our turns at a time that works for us. (I used to play a game called VGA Planets this way). I notice there is a play by email option for TripleA but I was wondering how to handle the defender choosing which units to lose?

    Any other ideas on how to play asynchronously and what the pluses and minuses are?

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    @SkyGawker I dislike (thus would not use) the term asynchronous 🙁 for referring to playing in absence of the other side (PBEM and so on). Since asynchronous means non-simultaneous, I tend to see TripleA as mostly asynchronous, also when played with everyone present for the whole time, for being turn based and for the fact that also during battles you don't roll dice and select casualties at the same time.

    In my opinion, a turn based game is (always) asynchronous by definition.đŸ€”

    I cannot help you with defender casualties selection, as I'm not aware TripleA has anything written anywhere, about how to handle it. I suppose, in theory, you should stop and ask every single time someone else has a choice to make.😮

    I guess you can decide to go with the "Order Of Loss in battles (OOL)" section of the "Triple A Rules for Revised Tournaments"🧐 , if you are playing WWII Revised or a close enough other game:

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    Defender casualties typically go by default. 95% of time this will be right. If there is an interesting choice, 5% of time, it is courtesy to ask for an OOL.

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