How to play Tutorial map/ rules, or similar, from the beginning (without the tutorial)?

  • Hello!

    So many thanks to everyone that helped make this amazing space possible!

    IRL, I've only played the WWI European Theatre. It was fairly simple and I loved it, though about every hour of play we realized we were making yet another mistake with the rules.

    The tutorial map was similar in scope (European Theatre, relatively simple rules) and it felt as though the rules built into the engine prevented unintentional rule breaking.

    I'd love to play the tutorial map/engine/rules from the beginning (sans the tutorial itself, so all nations are in it to win it from the very first move). Can anyone please identify the map/rules upon which it is based, or if there is a way for me to change a setting when loading the map so the tutorial instructions don't kick in?

    I would really like to start playing a live game with a friend, but i don't have time to get up to speed on nuances of other rules and maps. Also, I've noticed the description in some maps point out that there are some rules that the player is responsible for ensuring that they are followed... I'm looking to avoid that.

    Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

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    I can't remember but I think it was @Zjelcop ? I thought you could turn prompts off in "Engine Preferences" and then "Game". But that doesn't seem to work.

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    @CNodd In that case I'd advise you to play "World War II Revised" as that is the exact same ruleset I used for the Tutorial. It is a global map though, but still fairly basic, not too large. Any map with "V2" uses those rules.

    The map used for the Tutorial comes from "World War II Europe 1940" and this game has different rules. The Tutorial itself is fully scripted, those notifications cannot be turned off with a simply switch.

  • @Zjelcop Thank you! How interesting - creating the tutorial by combining mixing and matching maps with rulesets. No wonder I couldn't find the base game somewhere. Hah!

    Also good to know that it's not possible to turn of the scripts in the tutorial - I don't need to spend any more time thinking about that!

    Is there a map you'd suggest for someone's first full playthrough? Or maybe it's just time to pick up a map and a ruleset and give it a go!

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    If you played the Tutorial I advise you to play "World War II Revised".
    There is no difference in ruleset, you can jump straight in.

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