ad a new sea zone to an existing map

  • color settings for the map

    values must be a 6 digit hex number



    should we draw territory names


    screenshot overlay stuff


    that's whats the map properties are about

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    @Numetalfan that looks fine. Obviously something else causing it. Have to wait for map Wizard wc I guess 🙂

  • Hi,

    what about the naming of the sea zones, where has this to be done?

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    @Numetalfan yea idk you could check centers and make sure they're in there. I don't know much about the graphics part

  • @Numetalfan

    Sea Zone numbers are done as decoration in the decorations.txt file. I personally do not like running the "Decorations Placer" under "Map Creator". Usually I just poke and guess with a text editor until it looks right.

    Have you updated the smallMap.jpeg. I'm looking into what might be causing your color problems.

    Back soon...


  • @Numetalfan

    For the Sea Zone numbers, I have the following in the directions.txt:
    b16.png (1386,641)
    b66.png (1161,830)
    b67.png (1107,735)
    b68.png (1480,641)
    b69.png (1333,227)

    Make sure that the images for these new Sea Zones are in the 'misc' folder.

    Also Sicily and Malta:
    Sicily.png (1080,769)
    Malta.png (1098,801)

    As to the missing colors, like @beelee stated it probably has something to do with


  • Hi,

    I did all this already and it worked.

    Colors: but I doubt it's the, I copied that file from the WWII_v3.

    Or this copy&paste is the reason for the effect

  • Hi,

    still have the graphical problems,

    small map fine
    main map white color for the countries

    what might be the reason for that effect?

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    @Numetalfan said in ad a new sea zone to an existing map:

    YES, everything works now, no more errors.

    yet, I missed some details:


    as you can see the new sea zones 66,67 und 68 do exist, but they have no numbers graphically.
    sea zone 16 now belongs to the western part of Black Sea, but it has no number too. even worse the "16" is located where now the SZ 68 should be

    there is another problem - the whole map ist white, the territories do not have the colors of the countries, e.g. blue for Italy.

    How to fix those problems?

    You have to open the relief tiles... find the tiles where the numbers should go... and draw them in manually with a graphics program.

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    @Numetalfan If I had to guess I am thinking you saved the relief tiles with a solid white background... if you turn off "show reliefs" in game and can see the actual colours when they are off. That will confirm my suspicions.

  • THX for the advice,
    that problem was already solved.

    my last problem is the one with the white color all over them map, see the screenshot.

  • Hi,

    this are the options:


    I don't see relief options

  • @Numetalfan I think @Hepps is suggesting that you turn of 'Show Map Details' and see if the country colors will show on the map.

    There is no easy fix for this. You would need to redo the relief tiles.

    Let us know.


  • @wc_sumpton

    perfect - now it looks normal

  • Hi,

    the new terroritories and sea zone decoration pictures do not look like the original ones

    what is the

    • color
    • font size
    • font

    of those pictures, e.g. Alaska.png or b17.png

  • @Numetalfan

    That I can't answer. Someone with more graphic talent may be able to help. What I did was take b56, b57, b58, and b59 copied the '6' and pasted over the '5's. Then saved each with it new name, b66, b67, b68 and b69.

    For Sicily and Malta I did just about the same. Cut and copied letters until I found something that look right.

    That's the best I can tell you.


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