• Hej TripleA Community... I spend a lot of time some years ago on a 1940 and a 1941 Barbarossa Historical version of Verquins World War II Global (but then with Larsons/Hepster great Total wars' landscape types, winter , historical conys, objectives & with other units like HQ's and minor states gameplay PLUS a lot of work aligning all units in the PLACE file to keep the map in order 😉 ) . After spending some years on Civilization.5 RED scenario dev. I returned on finishing this Scenario. but offcourse you guys moved on from 1_8_0_9 to 2.1. Incompatible I noticed ... Can anyone tell me how to update old maps from those days to 2.1?
    I searched around this forum (new here) and couldn't hints to adapts certain Tags.
    Clues very welcome.


    besides anyone who feels like joining working on this version is very welcome....
    whether testing, advices or sophistication...

    ( as I have more graphical roots than programming 😉 )

    Respect for all those contributing to this great project!

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    @ebbe Looks very nice, but I'm not sure whether or not you need any permission to use units' images from other maps.

    I believe there is no information on how to upgrade maps from to 2.1.

    However, all or most of what you need should be covered by upgrading from to (https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/wiki/Upgrade-Maps-Information), then reading through pact_of_steel_2.xml (https://github.com/triplea-maps/the_pact_of_steel/blob/master/map/games/pact_of_steel_2.xml) to get all deprecated elements, then search for each of them within your game file, updating what you find.

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    Moved to Mapmaking.

  • Hi @ebbe welcome back.

    I may be able to help with some of the xml stuff.


  • @Cernel: Thnxs for fast reactions, I was only hobby-ing for myself ... but I will ask Verquin/Hepster and Larsson about using some units and game elements. Good to know... & thnxs for the links... I give it a try.....

  • @wc_sumpton : also thnxs for letting know.. was your offer for the adaptation part or more sophistication after succesfull implmentation in 2.1. But first I'll ask Verquin/Hepser & Larsson if they agree to my cross-hybride version coming from their work.... ; )

  • @ebbe I was able to launch WWII Global using the latest release. So adaptation and the more sophisticated work would be, in my best assumption, handled together.

    If you have a different xml that is causing trouble for some reason, maybe post the errors, so that board members can help. There are many knowledgeable people here who can help this project along.

    As to the units, and artwork. Well I can't draw a strait line, and my circles look more like lopsided squares, even using paint.net 😵 .


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    @ebbe Always supportive of fresh/new ideas and concepts. Feel free to use what you need to get your game going.

    If I can be of any help, I am always happy to help whomever needs it. Just bear in mind I have very little personal time ATM and may not be 'Johnny on the spot' with responses or fulfilling requests.

  • @ebbe I have updated most maps. What map are you looking for. Here are the changes I make

    "IPCs" "PUs"
    "ttatch" "ttach"
    "<option name="victoryCity" value="true"/>" "<option name="victoryCity" value="1"/>"
    "isImpassible" "isImpassable"
    "occupiedTerrOf" "originalOwner"
    "turns" "rounds"
    "turns" "rounds"
    "<option name="costPU" value="0" "costResources" value="PUs" count=""
    "Impassible" "Impassable"

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    @ebbe said in UPDATING OLDER MAPS FOR 2.1:

    PLUS a lot of work aligning all units in the PLACE file to keep the map in order 😉


    You have definitely improved on placement over the original skin, but I suggest looking out for cases like the fighter in East Poland. It always annoys me a lot when a map has units that you are not quite sure whether they are in one or another one territory. However, if the map is not big enough, it's fine to have units going a little out of their zones, to have more placement spots.

    Of course, this is my opinion. Others may feel it is clear enough the fighter in question is in East Poland and not in West Poland.

    Conversely, I feel Germany has enough space not to have that overflow line.

  • @RogerCooper THNXS, I am
    happy to see tripleA community is very active and alive ; )

  • @Cernel Still work in progressive... thnxs for advice... I realize this "straight order"alignment of units takes away the Boardgame-roots feeling.. but it gives me personally so much better overview in gameplay.... Right now doing a painstaking job on Units placement in sea zones ... created a soviet naval invasion to check .. 🙂 place Fleet.png

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    @ebbe Quite the Russian navy!! 😉

  • @RogerCooper Okej, I realize: my programming skils are limited and still I try to solve issues , asking for trouble... haha... ( forgive me the disturbance ) I managed to adapt the 1.8 files to be theoretically running in 2.1 : stilll I got this error... blocking my progress. and no clue what it could be ... anyone an idea?

  • @ebbe "attatchTo" needs to be changed to "attachTo".

  • @wc_sumpton OFCOURSE... ! I fixed only the attachment not attachTo's thnxs 😲 💩

  • @ebbe Sorry to ask this but did you start with the latest download for "World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition", because I just re-downloaded it and the map seem to run fine. I am of the opinion that the map was already updated for 1.9 and runs fine on 2.1.

    If I looking at the wrong map please forgive this inquiry and let me know what base map you are working with.


  • @wc_sumpton Indeed, but I started from the original 1.8 workfiles I had... so if I get completely stuck a transfer all adaptions to the latest WWIIG '40 2nd ed.

  • @ebbe ok, no problem. That is where my confusion was coming from.


  • Up and running in 2.1.... GREAT !!!! so I come back in some weeks with progress... if anyone knows how to reach Veqruin except for triplAdev forum.. I still have to ask him permission to use his work for an alternative version if I want to share it here... thnxs everybody... for the next weeks I'll be alligning Soviet fleet and armies on all Territories ... aaaaahh.....

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