Help - any experts on BigWorld 1942 v3 Map

  • I started a game with my younger brother and it went oh so bad first turn - I had beaten him easy last few games so I tried something different as he quits when it goes bad early - I don't.

    So I went with most stuff below Russia first turn and Western Russia I thought I could take with 3 infantry, 2 fighters and the bomber - the battle calculator said 100%. Well the battle didn't go that way first turn I got 1 hit - he got 3 hits in return taking out all my infantry - I withdrew to save my planes but this meant path to Moscow was open - you can only start 4 things and I'd only bought infantry so started the 4 in there I was allowed but everything else had moved so I couldn't reinforce more meaning I had 4 infantry, 1 tank and 2 fighters plus the bomber.

    Naturally he went with everything he could and my AA gun only shot 1 fighter down, he scored loads of hits and wiped me all out bar 1 fighter first round - I got 3 or 4 hits I think and basically only got his infantry guys gone. He had to land one bomber in Western Russia after so I cleaned that up next round and took capital back but he wiped out my Russian air force, he also took Leningrad first turn and held it with 1 guy 3 tanks I tried to take back with 6 infantry and a cannon but alas failed he lost 1 infantry and 1 tank and I lost everything. So round 1 he took 40 odd money off Ruskies and had 91+ to spend his next go when I had zero round 2. Now we into round 3 and its not looking good.

    I would love to come back and win is there anything I can do - he does make mistakes - alas he's now also got some powers - he has Heavy Bombers for Germany and Long Range Aircraft for Japan.

    I have Paratroopers for USA.

    It's Britain's turn in round three - that was where game was last saved.


    I'm thinking even though odds are way against he has proved dice sometimes go your way even when battle calculator says 0% chance - I don't think with him having a sub there I can get support shots can I - but thinking landing with everything I have with GB send in all planes that can get there and hope I get it and if not hoping he only has 1 or 2 units left and I can get lucky with my yanks as I have a infantry and tank, yank fighter on UK plus get a support shot from destroyer on there go before Germany's next turn.

    I think that's my only hope to go for the win - be a quicker death if don't come off but its desperate times. Thoughts?

  • Well no one has responded so gonna go for it - the battle calculator ranges from 6% - 10% chance this works. I feel that if I don't attempt I am guaranteed to lose in the end so need to take the risk and hope I defy the odds.

  • Admin

    Having lost Russia once before round 3, and G holding Leningrad with that many HB, this is very grim for allies. Axis can yet make several blunders and probably still come out on top.

    Getting lucky dice on a landing in G is not a bad gamble. If it goes well, you might be able to follow up with a second capture after Germany retakes their capital. If the landing does not go well, in most odds it probably won't, you'll be exhausted and axis will have an even larger advantage (but they do already, without something drastic, axis have time on their side).

  • After the hits all Russian fighters should be sent to Leningrad and it had to be calculated preventing Germany to take it in r1 also buying a few armour/halftrack to make Novgorod deadzone possibly.

  • I went for it and it went so wrong first Germany got 2 AA hits leaving me just 1 plane then the support shots all missed and the first roll of all landing units and surviving planes got me the grand total of 1 hit. Round 2 3 hits and no more after that mean while Germany hit wiping out everything. I should of pulled my planes out but didn't.

    I never quit and we played on to where he forgot I had paratroopers for USA and left Japan weak enough to do an all out. It worked but cost me leaving my navy in range which I'm sure he will sink next turn and easy retake southern Japan but I got his Japan money for 1 round and stops him building for a round so game on.

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