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  • How can I make a variant of TA.....
    Global 1940....

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    @Brent-Stoudt Hi Brent

    To get started, read Pact of Steel 2. It is located in the games folder, which is in the maps folder, of Pact of Steel. You can DL "Pact of Steel" in "Download Maps".

    Rename the original G 40 to what you want and then start making changes. Start small, unit prices or combat values for example and test frequently. Make sure to save, even when things work.

    It takes a while to get the hang of it, but if you're patient, it'll work out. It can actually become a game in itself 🙂

  • Hi @Brent-Stoudt and welcome to TripleA!

    So you would like to create a variation of Global 1940. Good the board loves new ideas from fresh eyes!

    So lets get started. First there are a couple of tool that will be very helpful. For editing the xml look for a good text editor, Notepad++ is free and many board members use it. For the graphics there's, it is also free and widely used here.

    Now that you have some tools. Lets talk about getting things set up so you can start. You said you have a list of ideas. That a real good start, you have an understanding of what you would like to see. So you've already downloaded Global 1940 (G 40), so lets see what's there.

    Maps are downloaded to the 'downloadedMaps' directory located in the 'Users' directory. Mine is here 'C:\Users\WC_Su\triplea\downloadedMaps'. Inside the 'downloadedMaps' directory you should find 2 files of interest: '' and ''. And inside the '' there is a file called 'global_war-master'. You will want to unzip this file into the 'downloadedMaps'. I just drag it to the 'Address Bar' under 'downloadedMaps'.

    There are now 2 files and 1 directory. You should now delete both '' and '' and remove the '-master' from 'global_war-master' directory. Inside 'global_war' you will find a 'map' directory, and inside this you will see all the directories and files that are used for G 40.

    Inside the 'games' directory are the xml files. Open the one you want to edit in you test editor and you should see:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!DOCTYPE game SYSTEM "game.dtd">
      <info name="Global War v3 Rules" version="1.3"/>
      <loader javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.TripleA"/>

    Now change the '<info name="Global War v3 Rules"' to a different name ("G 40 My Version") and save this file with a new name ('G-40_my_version.xml').

    Congrats!! You have made you first mod!!

    Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of TripleA xml modification!😁 😵


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    @wc_sumpton Just to avoid confusion, to me it doesn't seem to be "Global War" that Brent wants to start with, but likely "World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition" instead.

  • @Panther

    Thank you for the clarification!


  • Thank you both.

    The polygons represent places on the map.
    Polygon map showing how it overlays the map.....

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