I think the AI is faulty

  • I am playing the AI in Big World 1942v3 and have the AI set to Hard - however it is throwing the game away - I should lose from the position I took over at as finishing off a human v human game but the AI is constantly leaving it's capitals undefended even though I have paratroopers for both UK and USA. It's allowing me to use 1 bomber and a man to capture it and take it's income - it did it with Japan to - has the AI not been made to factor in the importance of capitals?
    It does not even learn as once I could understand but then it takes it back but never in strength allowing me to repeat again and again. It actually spoils the enjoyment of the game as feels like a hollow victory as if the opponent is throwing it.

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    @bluelionman it's not very good with tech in general but today's AI is quite a step up from where it once was. AI programming is very time-consuming stuff i believe. 🙂

  • I agree with bluelionman. I am playing WAW a lot, both versions of map. I noticed, that since engine 2.1, AI isn't purchasing factories anymore. Therefore, it is forced to buy expensive units to accommodate for limited placement slots. Consequently, AI is purchasing unreasonable amounts of aircraft but no (or very limited) infantry. For solitaire game, I am still using engine 1.9, where AI makes much more sense.

  • I have also noticed the failure to build factories recently. Something has changed.

    The problem with unbalanced builds is an old one. If you gave the AI a lot of money, it will build all planes. This should be an easy problem to fix, by just limiting planes to no more than half of units purchased.

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