Using other TripleA resources

  • Are there any rules regarding using other resources in TripleA? Specifically, graphics from other maps.

    If it is fine to use them, is there a preferred way to attribute where I got them from?

    I am using a few in the map that I am making, and don't want to step on anyone's toes. My plan is that they are just placeholders for now, but I kind of like some of them. And making new graphics is low on my priority list, and not something that I am good at.


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    @ff03k64 not sure legally speaking but if you ask the map authors i doubt many would mind. 🙂

  • I guess I am not really worried about the legality of it, since TripleA is open source. I was more wondering about how people would take it, and proper way to attribute it. I fully expect most people to be fine with it, but it is hard to ask some map makers when the map is 5 years old, and the maker isn't on the forums anymore.

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    @ff03k64 just because the engine is open source doesn't necessarily mean a map and all of its content is. although maybe it does, maybe someone else knows more about the exact OS licensing we are using.

  • Oh, I didn't think of that. Hopefully someone else will know.

  • My understanding is open source means anybody can use it legally. But @ubernaut may be correct. Idk either.
    Game Notes is where you can give credit to others for their work.

    If someone is currently working on a map that hasn't been released yet, you probably don't want to use it, just from a ethics standpoint. If you use an image from somebody, i wouldn't think it a big deal. They are most likely pleased you are using it. I just try and make sure to give as much credit as i can in the notes.

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    @beelee well i know that in the wordpress project, which's license forces everything to be as open-source as possible, plugins and theme code are forced to be open source but the css and content in themes are still able to be copyrighted so…

    also, there are different OS licenses that are less restrictive in terms of forcing open-source upon derivative works.

  • @ubernaut yea i talked to Dan and or Ron recently when i went to upload something to git there was a disclaimer type thing you had to click on. Basically meant if you put it on triplea you couldn't copyright anything. Or something like that. It was mostly for code i think but maybe images/maps an such also apply.

    Idk, since triplea was originally based on axis and allies and without the developers nobody could put their stuff on here anyway, I'd say it's all fair game. That's just an opinion tho so...I'll try and find the discussion with those guys.

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    @beelee yeah i was actually around when the engine and maps were still combined which caused an issue for us at a certain point. i believe it was my idea actually to separate the engine from the maps in order to firewall us from any IP concerns regarding any given map.

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    @beelee yeah thanks for that i guess we are using basically the same license as wordpress "GPLv2 (or later)" i suspect that means the same thing for maps as it does for themes meaning the code itself is GPL but any content inside it can still be copyrighted. here are a few relevant bits from drupal's explanation page which WP links to on their license page which explains these aspects.

    Can Drupal projects include GPL-incompatible non-code assets? (e.g. fonts, icons, etc)

    Yes, so long as the maintainer has the right to distribute the non-code assets, they may be packaged and/or distributed "in aggregate" with GPL code. Only works that are derivative of the original work are subject to the GPL license.

    If I write a module or theme, do I have to license it under the GPL?

    Yes. Drupal modules and themes are a derivative work of Drupal. If you distribute them, you must do so under the terms of the GPL version 2 or later. You are not required to distribute them at all, however. (See question 8 below.)

    However, when distributing your own Drupal-based work, it is important to keep in mind what the GPL applies to. The GPL on code applies to code that interacts with that code, but not to data. That is, Drupal's PHP code is under the GPL, and so all PHP code that interacts with it must also be under the GPL or GPL compatible. Images, JavaScript, and Flash files that PHP sends to the browser are not affected by the GPL because they are data. However, Drupal's JavaScript, including the copy of jQuery that is included with Drupal, is itself under the GPL as well, so any Javascript that interacts with Drupal's JavaScript in the browser must also be under the GPL or a GPL compatible license.

    When distributing your own module or theme, therefore, the GPL applies to any pieces that directly interact with parts of Drupal that are under the GPL. Images and Flash files you create yourself are not affected. However, if you make a new image based off of an image that is provided by Drupal under the GPL, then that image must also be under the GPL.

    If you commit that module or theme to a Drupal Git repository, however, then all parts of it must be under the GPL version 2 or later, and you must provide the source code. That means the editable form of all files, as described above.

  • @ubernaut Ok so if I understood that correctly, people's images and maps they make using triplea are their own property and can't be used without permission ?

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    @beelee that would be my nonexpert opinion at least, assuming they owned/created it to begin with anyway. 🙂

  • @ubernaut heh heh well i hope i haven't pissed anybody off. Actually too late for that, although probably for completely different reasons than for using their stuff 😄

  • @beelee better pissed of than pissed on!

    Thanks for all the info everyone.

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