Should we support YAML for Maps?

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    i will say that yaml does look a bit easier to learn and more sensible in general i understand the hesitation about indents (which i personally like actually) but doesn't the shorthand version somewhat resolve that issue?

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    Thanks for the feedback all. I think time to put this one to bed. Having both YAML and XML in the mix is really disruptive, the answer to mixing the two from me is "no". If we have a choice to migrate all XML to YAML, the answer from me is then "probably not".


    • there is a lot of expertise around XML built up, this would be lost going to YAML
    • a cleaner syntax is nice, but not compelling
    • all of the tooling around XML would be lost, the list of attributes, etc, all of the existing examples, would all have to be redone
    • XML vs YAML is not hurting us so much where migrating is going to solve a lot of problems. We have limited resources and need to get LOTS of other things done. Unless we're solving a big problem, it's not worth it.
    • Similar to saving effort, we might as well save the development effort of switching code
    • The chance for indentation errors is high, I just foresee dos line endings and/or tabs giving someone a really bad day. While nasty XML is unpleasing to the eye and lengthy, at least it's easier to diagnose a problem there (and most tools will tell you where and which tags are unmatched or badly structured)
    • Having two different formats would be no end to headaches, both in terms of which options they support, hurting people, coding, everything.

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    @LaFayette said in Should we support YAML for Maps?:

    In essence, XML was an early standardized format that grew out of HTML that was meant for structuring data for one computer to send data to another. It was never really intended for humans to interact with it and write it by hand (the idea was there would be GUIs to help you do that).

    Most likely this has always been the case for TripleA too. Ideally, you would have a map creator covering everything, and you would use that for creating and modifying the XML, never actually opening it with a text editor or anything. I believe this was the plan, except that it never happened (there have been several aborted attempts over the years).

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