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  • I've created a new mup but failed to open it wondering if soneone might help.

  • @Schulz

    What's up. The problem is in the place.txt (placement file). The line 'Sea Zone 78 Bering Sea' has no data and needs to be remove. Shown with surrounding lines:

    Vyborg  (1788,312)  (1765,329)
    Germany  (1564,550)  (1606,528)  (1607,578)  (1564,593)  (1589,628)  (1520,545)  (1543,635)  (1514,586)  (1654,525)  (1657,569)
    Sea Zone 78 Bering Sea  <!-- Has no data remove this line
    Sea Zone 44 Laptev Sea  (2792,8)  (2825,8)  (2591,19)  (2640,6)  (3017,8)
    W.Burma  (2646,1038)  (2676,1015)  (2687,985)
    Thailand  (2742,1144)  (2723,1111)  (2771,1143)

    After that it starts throwing errors about centers.txt. But I hope this will help you.


  • It works now perfectly. Thank you so much.

  • 1)The map created with exactly Big World's dimensions just territories are different. Is there any way to make a good relief tiles or adopt the same relief tiles?

    1. Why do these awkward routes happen even though there is no misconnections?


  • Beta version is completed;

    2.png 3.png

  • Moderators

    @Schulz First things that come to my mind:

    • Now you see that the game looks good also without relief tiles.
    • I would split Germany in West and East about on the post war borders.
    • I suggest removing the Tambov zone, giving its area to the zones around it, so to make them bigger (those territories are really too small), or anyway remove 1 or 2 zones around there, to make the remaining zones bigger.
    • No idea what you are planning for that lake east of Stalingrad, but I don't think you can really represent rivers at this scope and, in case, that lake should be connected to the Caspian sea.
    • Yugoslavia (here called Balkans) was really not dominated by the Italians (the Italian protectorate over Croatia was a joke), so it would be more realistic as a German territory.
    • Even though the Italians controlled most of Greece, I think the Germans were getting most money out of it, but this would need research.
    • The Black sea divided into 3 west to east looks too much split with respect to the sea zone dimensions elsewhere (is the Black Sea going to be as wide as the Atlantic Ocean?).
    • About German Trieste (on whatever), I get that you want the Germans to be able to place ships in the Mediterranean, but this is exactly what they were not able to do, so I don't like any such "No Man's Land" style historical absurdities for gameplay (there should be a limit).
    • The sahara didn't allow to move like that, as there were almost impassable zones, so movement of major units was mostly limited to the coastline: I suggest merging El Alamein and W.Desent into a single territory, since they are also too small, and make this territory not connected to Sudan, at least.
    • You can have Tunisia as a single territory.
    • Make Gibraltar as big as feasible if Iberia is just impassable (thus useless space).
    • Sicily and especially Malta should probably not be adjacent to the same sea zone as Gibraltar.
    • I find very inopportune to put as much as two sea zones between Britain and western Europe, since that is a strait that should, rather, allow direct movement of air units (I don't think it can make sense that, from N.France, only movement 6 air units can bombard Britain, which is the same distance as between Britain and Germany).
    • Not a fan of the Guadalcanal land connection.

  • Germany has to be one piece to defend better itself against bombing campaigns.

    These territories are exist preventing Russia easily reinforce these areas and making to expand to Caucasus as tempting as rushing Leningrad from German perspective.

    These lakes are connected to seas.

    The territory sized are intentionally extremely diverse for playability.

    One more sea zone in the English Channel is really needed preventing Allies easily trap here and invade France. Plus it is the most distinguish feature along German Mediterranean. Somethings should be different otherwise it would be carbon copy of Big World.

  • Units;


  • BTW could anybody help me about zoom? I want more zoome in.

  • @Schulz the Siberian unit seems super powerful.

  • Yes but they are only useful against Japan if she decides to advance deeply into Russia. Siberian factories distance enough to German front to be massively used.

  • How is this mod coming along?

  • @RogerCooper said in Big World 3:

    How is this mod coming along?

    This was the initial version of Aggression 1941 later I abandoned due to too small territories and units though I still keep the zip.

  • @Schulz Can I post on my site?


    BTW Could you replace the old XML of Aggresion 1941 with the newest one from the Github?

  • I already downloaded the Github version, it will update on my site soon.

  • @Schulz was the xml the only thing that changed? If so, put it here, and I will try to get it uploaded. You might have to zip it.

  • @ff03k64 Everything was different. This map is not needed in anywhere when Aggression 1941 already fulfills all of its functions with better graphics.

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