Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 16)

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    bayder (Allies) defeats @chewbaluba (Axis +8) by surrender in round 8. Berlin had fallen, and Japan did not have a strong enough push to threaten Moscow, so chewbaluba graciously surrendered. Thanks chewb, for a fast, fun, and friendly game! -bayder


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    Eboy82 (Axis,9) defeats Tulkas (Allies) by surrender in round 7. An intense match where Germany had to fight hard to kick out allies invasions in W.E+S.E, but managed by a close margin to take them back over many rounds. This focus on Europe meant that Japan faced a Russia that could not hold for much longer, so Tulkas kindly surrendered and secured before too much blood was spilled . Thanks for game, good luck in next round.

    Eboy82 (Axis) vs Tulkas (Allies) triplea_7Ger.tsvg

  • Shmod (Allies) defeats Agency10 (Axis +9) by surrender in round 12. He had a lot of trouble with my KJF strategy, but at one point he had a large German fleet that could have threatened the UK after I sacrificed my British fleet for early control of Africa. I thought he would build a ton of transports and try to take the UK but he missed his chance, which had a very small window and was hard to spot. It's not often you see the axis build a fleet with chances to take the UK while allowing them to control Africa. Next time, focus on a shift to the UK and I think you'll have more success, Agency10. Thanks for an interesting gametriplea_12Rus.tsvg

  • Nardawgg (Allies) defeats KingKelly (Axis+9) in a wild and bloody game, with pacific navies and massive armies being traded. Germany was heavy in Caucasus for most the game as US opted for a pacific game. With Russia hanging on by a thread, American fighters finally reached Moscow to seal it up, and started expanding in pacific. Allies squeaked out a victory due to victory cities with 10-2 at the end of US15. GG KingKelly, great fast paced live game with a very strong player. Very close game ToC16 KingKelly vs Nardawgg.tsvg

  • Gkhan (allies) defeats Brut1980 by surrender in round 11. For most of the game the axis had control of the islands, Asia, Africa, and most of Europe while the allies clung to a foothold in WE. Eventually the allies were barely able to double tap to take Berlin just before Japan would have taken Moscow. TOC 16 gkhan brut1980 oct 2020.tsvg

  • Handsome (Axis+8) wins vs Patton77. Germany had early luck in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. The Mediterranean fleet managed to get 2 surving subs to help protect the main ships. This helped Germany to have complete controll of Africa by turn three.

    The Allied opened with a KJF strategy. With the help of Russia, factories poped up in both India and China. Japan was not able to put pressure on thoose factories. They where focused on keeping the US away from the income of the Pacific Islands. In round 4 Allies started to retake the African continent, while at the same time occupy both East Indies and Borneo. Luckily for me, Japan was able to retake those Islands.

    US/UK kept ARMs and FTR's floating into Moscow to help withstand the growing threat from the German forces. But in round 9 the order to attack was given, Moscow fell and Patton77 surrendered.

    Until the final attack no major battles had been done, but a lot of small and important battles in each round made it a very close and interresting game. Small mistakes or unlucky dices could have turned the result.

    Thanks to Patton77 for a fast and friendly game.


  • Frank-the-tank (Axis+10) defeats brxxx (Allies).  Germany's entire fleet survived round 1 and 2 which allowed for grouping in the Northern sea.  This caused some distraction to the UK and free up Germany to push forward East.  On round 6, after the UK attempt to set ground on WE, Germany blitz back in defence and wiped out the Allies establishment.  The gain in TUV was important.  Meanwhile, Japan managed to grow slowly but steadily and became an important threat to Russia.  Given that Germany retranched in defensive stacking, there was not much of a path to revert course for the Allies.  Brxxx graciously surrendered in round 9.  Thanks for the game brxxx, nice playing with you!

  • Vahe (Axis+9) defeats Mongulrunnin (allies) due to his personal obligations he resigned. Round 18 the game ended very much unclear as the result. The British and Americans gave Japan a slow start in the pacific destroying 3 fighters. The slow Japan allowed the allies to surround Germany by round 11. Germany held strong defending Berlin and Africa was in control of the Axis for a large part of the game. Then after Japan saw it futile to go against the VERY mighty Russians with 400+ TUV they loaded up and attacked America full force! The game ended pretty much with the Japs at the borders of Washington and the Americans at the borders of Germany with Russia taking over mainland Japan. Wonderful game.

  • Calbears72 defeats Chewbaluba in Rnd 7 by surrender during Japan's turn after seeing little hope . . . the pacific conflict was rolling, UK and Russia were standing against germany, and the economic might of the allies was becoming apparent. Hitler and the Emperor joined each other in the bunker and took the pills together. God Bless the good guys! Chewy was a gentleman and scholar to play against.

    UK Rnd 7 Cal vs Chewy.tsvg

  • Barca (axis+9) defeats blasherke (allies) in round 9. Axis secured Africa and made a push for Russia. Allies responded by establishing a foothold in Western Europe. The Japaneses fleet assisted Germany by sailing to the Atlantic and engaged in a decisive navel battle which limited the allies prospects of further reinforcements. Great game, and sportsmanlike conduct by blasherke.


  • IngCameroni (+9axis) defeats CmdData in Rnd 20 by surrender after Russia round.... very funny game... "The Allies could not overcome an early mistake that allowed Japan to stack Kazakh in an early round. IngCameroni was very lucky whit dice for all the game!!! Thanks for the game CmdData, very friendly, good player and good person!

  • hammond (Allies) defeats Vahe (Axis+10) in Rd 15. We played this game all live, but a glitch occurred and all efforts to restore the game failed. It was most unfortunate because that game was shaping up to be a classic event with no clear winner or any side having the advantage. So, we decided to start over (saving every turn!). In the second try, due some bad dice, the Axis didn't get as good a start as the first game which limited Germany's aggression in Africa and towards Russia. Over land trading battles in Europe, it seemed that Russian forces were gaining ground, but all Allies' progress was halted due to timely arrival of the Japanese in Egypt and USA couldn't break the stack and were relegated to harassing WE and SE. Japan's progress was limited in Asia but drew a significant amount of Russian infantry away from Germany. So the Allies seemed in good spirits UNTIL the fateful morning of October 30, 2020, when the peaceful American citizens awoke to find nearly 34 then 60 Japanese units on West Canada, within 2 rounds, almost Instantly. This caused massive panic for the people and even the US constitution had to be put away for safe keeping. It must have been humorous for the Axis to watch USA troops being pulled from Caucaus and Africa in a frenzy to get back home. But they managed to make it back and with UK help, had just enough to keep Japan away from WUSA and EUSA. Meanwhile Russia was let loose on Germany and as the rounds went by, it was obvious that Berlin was going to fall and the Axis made an honorable surrender to save needless violence. Vahe was a very nice and GOOD player and he was a pleasure to game with. Good luck in the rest of the tourney! vahe and hammond.tsvg

  • hammond (Allies) defeats Nardawgg (Axis+10) in Rd 13. This was a very off balance game for the Allies and they would be on edge all game as one mistake would lead to London or even Washington to fall. Some explanation is in order. Axis took the bid and placed a plane in Norway. So as a result UK was without a fleet before rd1. $ spent to buy a new one and delays to help Russia was for a nervous time. However, without the extra plane in that most of important sea battle in 15 to land in Egypt, Germany lost a critical placement and no further support to Africa as it had lost a tranny and had to retreat. The Allies took advantage and USA was pouring troops into Africa. Then, time seemed to stop for USA as it discovered the Japanese fleet coming up from the south. This greatly vexed the US Admirals and they argued and argued about how to defeat the fleet. Japan Admirals were much better and out-manuervered the Americans, setting up a classic decision for the Axis, destroy the Allied Atlantic fleet or own the Med? Well, the combined Allied Atlantic fleet sunk to the bottom forcing the USA into the pacific and the UK remaining fleet to the Artic. The US owned the med though and later saw an opportunity to finally kill the Japan fleet. Meanwhile, Germany never fully recovered from early rounds and plane loses and was turtled waiting for Japan to own the world. Japan land forces were on the march, but Russia and UK were holding them to a tie until an opportunity to seize a split force opened up on Persia and Russia took it. The combined loss of Persia and the Japan Atlantic fleet hastened the Emperor to end the war and surrendered. It was a different game for sure and very enjoyable and a nice player. Thanks for the game Nardawgg and good luck in the rest of the tourneynvh.tsvg

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    bayder (Allies) defeats @jbwood53 (Axis +9) by surrender in round 13. Berlin was surrounded and going to fall in round 14. While Japan was on Moscow's doorstep, Russia had enough to defend long enough for Allies to rally and protect it. Thanks to jb for a fast, fun, and friendly game!


  • Epinikion (axis +9) defeats Barca (allies) by surrender in uk5. A very entertaining pacific attack including an uk factory in india r1 allowed usa taking East Indies very early (r2). While japs where under high pressure germany started a very strong attack towards caucasus and went for adventures vs allies pacific fleet including taking brasil. Thank you Barca for the nice game!

  • Blasherke defeats VitaminT (Axis, +8) in a for my standards short but very entertaining game. Axis went hard on Africa, and managed to join Med and Pacific Fleet. Allies reacted by a combined attack on W-Europe, taking out parts of the Luftwaffe early in the game. After this, the buildup contest really started. In round 7 Axis command felt that it was time to settle for peace, and accepted Allied terms. Thanks to VitaminT, a very fast and creative player, with a clear love of the game.

  • Calbears Axis +9 defeated Vahe345 in Rnd 16 after the Fuhrer's turn. A back and forth game, Vahe345 was a gentleman and withdrew from Moscow in a last chance sprint to Germany that was cutoff by the advancing Japanese ground forces through Ukraine. Stalin and Churchill were captured and executed for Crimes against humanity.

  • Shmod (Allies) defeats Wasp (9G) in round 8 by surrender. A gentlemanly game despite him being diced hard early on making it an unfair fight. I look forward to playing you again soon!

  • @calbears72 haha that's funny because it totally would have happened

  • jbwood53 (axis+10) defeats Kindwind by surrender in R8 in a fast-paced game played live. Germany was immediately on the defensive with an aggressive assault by the allies starting with a full Normandy invasion in R3. Germany repelled the invaders by inspiring its troops with promises of abundant French wine. The victory was not to last, as UK and US continued to invade Western Europe in each of the following rounds while building a sizeable navy, whittling German forces down to its remaining Luftwaffe and a few infantry and tanks.
    Meanwhile, Japan saw an opportunity and seized decisive control of Asia, and Allies surrendered when the fall of Russia was imminent.

    Thanks to Kindwind for great sportsmanship and a fast-paced game. Until we play again!

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