A new unit set up

  • I've always though naval units are generally expensive considering how little they contribute games compare to land and air units whereas I also fully support the idea having air units overall more cost efficient than naval units. I would really want to discuss it what would you think for this alternate unit set up for any kind of WWII map. Main goal is reducing naval unit costs as much as possible, making cruisers/battleships better alternatives instead of destroyer/carrier combo while still keeping air efficiency.

    V3 rules, only major rule exception is all units gain anti air ability, except transport, submarine and destroyer plus no aaGun.

    inf 1/2/2 3Pu AA
    art 2/2/2 4Pu AA +1 attack bonus to infantry
    arm 3/3/2 5Pu AA blitz

    fig 2/3/4 5Pu 2 air at 3 air def
    bom 2/1/6 6Pu 2 air at 1 air def, strategic bomber

    sub 2/1/2 4Pu
    tra 0/0/0 5Pu
    des 2/2/2 6Pu
    cru 3/3/2 9Pu AA bombard 3
    car 1/2/2 12Pu AA
    b.s 4/4/2 16Pu AA bombard 4 2HP
    fac 0/0/0 15Pu AA

  • @Schulz I assume the fighter is supposed to be 5pu?

    And with everything having AA, I am not sure I would ever buy a plane.
    Does the battle ship have 2hp?

  • Even with the AA abilities of cruisers/carriers/battleships, Fighters are even more cost efficient than classic v3 costings,

    In v3 8 fighter (80Pu) have only 35% chance against 10 (80 Pu) destroyer whereas in here 15 fighter (75 Pu) have 88% chance against 5 des/5 cru (75 Pu).

    Fighter are now even more cost effective at defense and protecting strategic bombing, AA for land unit is counterbalance. I don't think they are now underwhelming.

    How would you cost them?

    And Yes its same Batteship, 2HP, repairs. Fighter cost is 5.

  • Have you considered given airplanes there own 'AA' type attack if there are no enemy aircraft present to reflect the advantages of air superiority?

  • Not yet, I wouldn't want to make things too complicated. I am even considering totally removing the intercept stuffs during strategic bombings and possibly making bombers 3/1/6 8 Pu 1-4 raid.

    Also noticed fighter defense should be decreased to 2. The rest looks currently fine to me.

  • @Schulz what do you mean by "2 air at 3 air def" for the ftr ? and at 1 for bmbr ? You mean air battle ? Ftr would get two shots that hit at 3 in escort/intercept ?

    How many AA shots for the anti air ?

  • https://www.sendspace.com/file/oihq93

    You can check it everything from there. I just can't update somethings via github due to wrong file structure.

    The land AA's are no different than classic anti air units. 1/6 chance for every air units. More ground AA stacks have no impact.

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