Voting to set forum to read-only

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    While discussing server usage, the warclub forum came up. It was suggested to set it to read only and maybe start spinning it down now that we have this forum up and running. A good first step would be to freeze it, set it to read-only and put a lot of links pointing people back to this (new) forum.

    We've some ladder support for this new forum while the ladder in the warclub forum is questionable if not outright broken. It does seem like this would be a reasonable time now to set warclub forum to read only. Before we proceed, please do provide feedback in support or opposition here. The dev team will be looking at ways to archive the content on the internet, eventually, we would like to turn off the forum software running the now old warclub forum.

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    Github issue link:, dev tracking/discussion of how to archive.

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    I'm not anymore sure, at this point, but I think this discussion should be opened in the old WarClub, instead of in here, since anyways the move to this forum was not discussed there (except a "Potential New Forum" topic in bunker only, that it is still open, and didn't see much discussion, as it was done almost fully in GitHub, or at least no leaders confirmed in there that it is not anymore just potential, but of course we all know).
    I mean, of course making another different forum somewhere else (this one or whatever) doesn't have to be discussed in the WarClub at all, besides notifying moving over the bunker, but I guess the future of the WarClub itself should be.
    Anyways, the WarClub is already basically dead, and the move to block new users registration has already been pushed, without discussion in there (at least outside bunker), so I'm not sure, and I guess chances are that nobody will reply in there.
    Myself, I've never had an interest in the old WarClub and never used it for much else but Bunker, which was fully covered by the old forum and it is fully covered by this new forum, as well, so I would personally totally abstain on this matter, if asked in there (I actually registered in the WarClub only after I was made a mod, and only because I had to).

    p.s. (to the leaders):
    (basically, I would do it, but I need a leader to approve it and take the responsibility to reload a full database backup of it if any problems)
    p.p.s.: The current WarClub links were last updated by me, I believe; I recorded in here (also I reported some problems that I understand @RoiEX solved):

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    Thanks for the response. We are moving along the plan we agreed to consolidate to one forum, and it does seem we have pushed a bit past the point of voting of if the warclub forum would be read-only, but instead when. Sounds like with user registration blocked, and @prastle mentioned last post was one month ago, the time to make read-only is probably now.

    After that I think next steps are to find ways to archive that content read-only somewhere and then turn off the PHP/xoops software. I could use help there, likely will be focused on lobby DB. @RoiEX or @ssoloff if you're able to help, or anyone else on the server crew.

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    @LaFayette If somehow we could import it all it would be great! but ya last 10 posts in 2 months other than @Cernel was spam that got deleted. Cernel was an excellent web master there. hopefully he can help as well. Just my 2 cents

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    @prastle, if you would set the warclub to be read-only, it looks like you have the go-ahead.

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    @LaFayette ok ill set it later today. NICE work on new bots sorry i fell asleep ... 🙂

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