Why does all aa attack values must divide into attackAAmaxDieSides?

  • I'm looking at fixing the aa dice code so that it can handle multiple dice sides in a single typeAA. I'm looking at pact of steel 2 and it has this message:

    attackAAmaxDieSides         values: sets the dice sides for aa guns.  defaults to whatever you chose above in diceSides (or 6 if you didn't choose).  All units with the same typeAA must have the same dice sides.
                                Be Warned that all aa attack values (including with Radar and without Radar), MUST divide into attackAAmaxDieSides without remainders, or else there WILL be errors in LowLuck!

    Does anyone know what it means by "there WILL be errors in LowLuck"? What type of errors will happen?

    It feels like the remainder would just be the low luck overflow (where it rolls an extra dice) so I'm not sure why it says there will be errors.

  • My best guess based on git history is that this warning was added when low luck was calculated differently and it is no longer valid. But I don't know the history of low luck so I'm not sure.

  • Admin

    That's all quite old code. @Trevan your archeological dig into it is probably about as good as it gets. The example XML had good value for some time, but it's seemingly clear it's not getting maintained properly and is frankly too complex to even still be a good example. I think we'll have to come up with a replacement to give example XML blocks to avoid such problems of out-of-sync documentation.

  • Some more archeological findings, from my memory.

  • @alkexr , thanks for those forum posts. It does look like this warning is no longer valid.

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