Draw (Stalemate) as war goal

  • I think there should be a reason for loser side to continue rather than surrendering in the middle of game anti-climaticly. Without another war aim other than total victory I can't see any way preventing anti-climatic ends since games are cumulative and not much room for tidind the turn of the wars I would want having a draw outcome as addition do total victory which would be pursued as loser side.

    Would you have any idea what could be draw's conditions? How could it be occur?

    Also I have to point that achieving "draw" should be harder than chasing total victory from the beginning of games. Assuming both sides have roughly 50% total victory chance in the beginning of war and one side is significantly losing its momentum and it appears that he/she will never achieve total victory. At this point draw should have roughly %25 chance to be occur by the loser side.

  • @Schulz check out the civil war map. It has some turn based victory conditions. You could probably use that as an idea.

  • @ff03k64 Thanks, they are definitely good ideas and enrich replayabilities.

    I just came with this idea not sure if it is possible to code it:

    "Unless one side achieve threefold production advantage over the another until round:X game will end with draw"

  • Admin

    I've been thinking that game could use a 'surrender' option. With that, we could start to create a play-history and track a players wins and losses. The only trick is to figure out how to deal with abandonned games. Perhaps give the remaining player an option to declare the game abandoned and it becomes a victory if not continued after X hours or days.

    With that aside, could a draw victory be hacked by adding win conditions for a neutral? For example, something like the neutrals win if no victor by round 20.

  • This is exactly what I was thinking. I would want to see more different and flexible ways to achieve victory or draw.

    Probably the best way making a certain round the last one and declaring game draw if no side achieve total victory.

    I was thinking for my scenario which starting date is Jun 1941 if no side achieve its main goal within 25 rounds, then declaring the game draw. If we consider 1 round equal to two months it means game can last only till August 1945 which coincidally super historical.

    Also I think there should be optional a text in the screen that shows the date and change in every turn. Giving more realistic feelings plus easier to check season if iplemented.

    Yes, I would request them. Could it be possible limiting games by Neutral victories like this really? It is great.

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    The dev plate is pretty full. I recommend in the short & medium-term to hack this by adding game notes. If someone can collect the 'draw-conditions', that would give us a good list for a feature set that we can build into the game engine.

  • I think it could be still possible with the current engine even if it does not work with neutral victory condition.

    It is possible to create passive nations like Mongolians in the Global War and in the Civil War looks like there are ways to create a victory condition with limiting rounds. Combining of them might provide draw option.

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