AI reports based on Aggression 1941

  • Despite slighly different rules than v3 rule-set, AI mostly makes the same mistakes and even have problem to understand v3 rules.


    Does not use starting submarines.

    Too obsesive to overdefending capitals and resulted very weak push in the Eastern Front and remaining armies always switch around Germany-W.Ukraine-N.Italy and Hungary.

    No interest to defend France.

    Never buys naval units despite cheaper costs.

    Doesn't know how do naval blockades and intercept work.


    Prefers stacking Moscow-Bereznik instead of Ryazan without any benefit

    Overdefeding Sinkiang and W.India despite zero Japanese threat.


    Sending transports undefended

    Does not attack China.

    Doesn't use the navy effectively in anywhere.

    Buys too much fighter without effectively using, can't even sacrifice losing a few fighters for better trades.

    Still thinks its main purpose is fighting with Russia.

    Doesn't buy any naval units.

    Doesn't know how do naval blockades and and intercept work.


    Overdefending India, Africa and Sinkiang.

    Almost no commitment in Europe.

    Sending transports undefended.

    Does not buy naval units.

    Doesn't know how do naval blockades and intercept work.


    Sending transports undefended.

    Not thinking about protecting German transports.

    Sending armies to Hungary and Yugoslavia without a reason

    Overdefending Germany despite zero Allies threat.

    Does not buy naval units.

    Doesn't know how do naval blockades and intercept work.


    Sending transports undefended.

    Overcommitment to Africa.

    No intention of invading Europe or bombing.

    Not using navy effectively.

    Does not buy naval units.

    Buys too much transports.

    Doesn't know how do naval blockades and intercept work.


    Not caring much outside of Sinkiang.

    I've tried to prevent AI overdefending Germany-N.Italy-Sinkiang by removing their capital status but still resulted with massive stacks around them.

    I have some though that might be reasons of AI behaviors.

    German AI Thinks

    Submarines should not be used to attack since they are more expensive than air units, better to preserve them and attacking allied ships with air units only(ignoring AA handicap for air units).

    Germany is increadibly valuable territory, its better to keep all armies around it considering Russia is a lot weaker, even a token force might be enough to defeat Russia.

    Naval units are expensive and useless (ignoring their better defense/movement advantages/blockades)

    Japanese AI thinks

    Avoid attacking China because thinks its a bad trade considering Chinese units are cheaper. (ignoring China's low production and low base production)

    Probably tries to make deadzoning in Pacific against the US since mass fighters perform better than mass destroyers at attacking.

    Thinks it is A&A style game which Japan should always attack Russia.

    English AI thinks

    Germany is too strong, better to fight in other areas.
    American AI thinks

    American AI thinks

    Constantly switching all units from one ocean to another is a good idea.

    The only AI that buys transports.

  • @Schulz Are you using the Fast AI or Hard AI?

  • @Schulz Interesting analysis! I did one World at War game where the America AI bought only fighters, had like 150 of them or so. Meanwhiles, I was commanding Russia and China, and getting rather battered. Another time, I was playing Japan, America kept spamming transports with massive infantry stacks.

  • Moderators

    I don't think the AI is able to realize that because all units have an AA feature, fighters effectively cost 1/6th more than they do. It's analysis of almost no navy and pure fighters in that situation makes sense.

    Also I don't build much if any navy as Germany in this scenario.

  • @RogerCooper Hard AI

    @AprilForever I've noticed very unpredictable behaviours of American AI too. After running more AI games, I concluded that it is the only one that plays very differently in each games.

    @CrazyG I think AI also doesn't count navy's better defenses since it is still possible to use navy and air together then picking airs as first casualties then enemy will need to spend more income to take these naval units.

    I also tested BW's AI to compare these.

    • Agg41's AI is faster than BWv3's AI

    • Nobody buys cruisers in both games.

    • In Agg41 AI sends transports undefended while in BWv3 AI mostly protects them no idea why this different behavior when they both use the same transport rules.

    • German-Russian-Italian AI never buys any naval units in both maps. In Agg41, Japan also doesn't buy as well.

    • In Agg41, German AI is less willing to use its starting subs than BWv3 German AI in spite of better stats with cheaper cost.

    • German AI doesn't use its Mediterranean transport in Africa in both games.

    • Overprotecting Germany-Italy-Moscow is a thing in both scenarios while its incredibly extreme in Agg41 appearantly without a reason. BWv3's German AI performs way better and send stronger forces against Russia and knew its better to focus Leningrad first.

    • Japanese AI in BWv3 often goes balanced, tries to defeat China first also tries to invade Russia and protect Pacific possessions. Japanese AI in Agg41 is even more broken than German AI, only cares About Manchuria and fighter collection and avoids to fight with China.

    • Russian AI in Agg41 likes to move its main force constantly between Moscow and Sinkiang without a reason, might be a weird respose to unexpected weak push from Germany. They are not comparable beyond this point since Russia has no factory behind Urals in BWv3.

    • English AI in BWv3 also better at least invades France and tries to sink Italian navy. In Agg41, Britain cares everything other than its mainland, buys rarely naval units including transports in spite of cheaper costs.

    • Italy in both scenarios are similar just Italy in Agg41 likes bombing more.

    • America goes only in the Pacific in BWv3 as expected but not always particularly to defeat Japan, sometimes uses Southern Australia's route to invade British controlled Africa, in Agg41, USA AI mostly goes in both fronts, often relocate them between two fronts too much. Sometimes invades France-Italy and bombs Japan at the same time, sometimes stacks massively Congo and Ethiopia. Sometimes like to bomb Finland. Buys everything other thn cruiser and buys too much transports.

  • I think that TripleA needs some features to direct the AI. There should be is an IsAI condition available, as well as some new event types, such as PurchaseQuantity, PurchaseProportion, PurchaseUpTo TransferUnits. I will prepare a formal feature proposal.

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