Can’t change map folder

  • I installed TripleA on my computer, and then copied the entire folder to a USB drive. Everything works completely normally for me using that USB drive in another computer with one exception that I’ve found so far - I can’t change the folder where the map files are found. Or, more precisely, I can change it, and it works, but then upon restarting TripleA at another time, the maps folder box in Settings is blank. I do not have a similar issue with the Saved Games folder. Any ideas as to why? Thanks!

  • @mvk20 yea idk but maybe change topic name to "Can't change map folder when using USB drive"

    Might get some more tech type people responses. Just a thought : )

  • Admin

    The map folder resetting I think is a regression, used to work and broke in 2.0.

  • @LaFayette Oh, interesting! Is that bug reported, and likely to be fixed in a subsequent release?

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