Question about the way things work.

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    I was playing through a few things alone and one of the things that seems really redundant is the "Are you sure you don't want to..." step.

    I realize it was instituted to eliminate the accidental click through on a step you cannot back out of.... however.... and this is just an idea...

    What if instead of a single click for things like "done" on repairs and purchases phases you simply made those buttons require a double (left) click to complete. It's not likely anyone is going to accidentally double click a would remove a verification step during each turn... and it would eliminate the accidental selections in the first place.

    This is purely a random thought I had... so take it for what its worth... as I am putting it out there as something to look at from different angles.

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    Noticed that a few things with this new release have also stopped working properly.

    Were there features in the engine removed for this last stable?

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    @Hepps There shouldn't have been. If you notice issues please report them.

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