AA 50 - v3 41 ladder rules

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    This particular thread was intended to discuss the bidding rules that are included in the 41/42 ladder rules, which are currently as follows:


    The current stable version, as of the above date, of TripleA is v1.2.5.4.
    For 1941 with regular luck (Dice), the Allies bid is set to 8 IPCs.
    For 1941 with LowLuck (LL), the Allies bid is set to 13 IPCs(*)
    For 1942 with regular luck (Dice), the Allies bid is set to 9 IPCs.
    For 1942 with LowLuck (LL), the Allies bid is set to 9 IPCs

    (*) No bomber purchases are allowed for this game and bid combination

    These IPCs may be spent on units to be placed on the board prior to game start. The IPC may be split by the allies in any way. The first restriction is that no more than one unit may be placed per territory. Naval units must go into a sea zone with existing Naval units of the same nation. Placement of naval units in empty sea zones or placement of, for example, British units with American units (and vice versa) is not allowed. Similiarly, ground/air units must be placed in the territories controlled by the same nation. However, ground units may be placed in territories that have no existing ground/air units.

    Unspent IPC's from the bid can be divided up between the Allies for spending in future turns as the Allied player desires.

    In the lobby, people generally follow these rules as a community even though lobby games are not generally ladder games.

    The FAQ which is linked to at the top of the lobby message when you join, http://tinyurl.com/tripleaFAQ, also contains an explanation and guidelines for bidding on the third post down I think.


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    i know the old ladder rules and also the ineffectiveness of them.

    you could end up with 8000 points, where the other had only 2500 points...
    and this will happen again that the point spread is used to its full extents.

    so here are ladder rules, which will work, are simple and are used so or in similar way at all sports or other ladders:

    Possible ranks:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_an ... a_of_NATO_armies_officers

    1. Officer Cadet
    2. Second Lieutenant
    3. Lieutenant
    4. Captain
    5. Major
    6. Lieutenant Colonel
    7. Colonel
    8. Brigadier
    9. Major General
    10. Lieutenant General
    11. General
      Field Marshal (only for one person)

    Ranking rules:

    1. point range:
      each rank has a point range of minimum 10 points (starting condition).
      0-10, 10-20, etc...,100-110.
      so the fieldmarshal has at least 111 points.
      from this point level of at least 111, the points are divided by the rank number of 11.
      e.g. 221 points div by 11 is 20 points, any remainder is rounded up or down to a full number.
      so the point range of each rank is dynamically and dependent of the points of the field marshal.

    2. points:
      for each won challenge (axis or allies game) 1 point is gained, when lost 1 reduced.
      so maximum 2 points can be won or lost for the two games.
      this is valid for the challenger and the challenged.
      starting points are 0.
      also due to losses 0 are the minimum points.

    3. challenge rules:
      challenge is only possible inside one rank.
      e.g. colonel can only challenge colonel.
      field marshal belongs to the rank of general, so he can only challenge or be challenged by generals.

    4. challenge breaks:
      the challenged has 4 weeks time to respond to the challenger. every week one reminder email is sent. after the 4 weeks without response the challenged has lost both games.
      nobody can hide or avoid to be challenged.

    5. max number of parallel challenges:
      max 6 challenges can run at the same time.
      so when a member has 6 challenges running, he cant challenge and also be challenged from others, until the number is reduced.
      when both games of a challenge are booked the challenge number is reduced by 1. the challenge number of each member has to be indicated at the ranking table.

    6. ranking table:

    • ascending number
    • military rank
    • running challenges number
    • statistics (won, lost, percentage of won axis and allies games, etc...)


    • also after years of ladder operation its challenging. all ranks are distributed equally.
      not that after years with a fixed point range for a rank the lower ranks are empty.
    • with this rules the ladder is easy to understand.


    Fieldmarshal Posted on: 2009/4/17 14:4

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    I would recommend that we don't limit people to play within their rank. Looking at all of the ladders over the years and the current ones still in existence (at AAMC and DAAK), it takes quite a while just to get ANY challenge, so we should simply use the ELO system to ensure proper adjustments.

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    @Deltium The posts are all I could find of the remaining rules. More of a set of notes to help build new than anything else.

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