Need a Variant for Military Students

  • I am looking for someone who can help build a variant for field-grade military officers. I use TripleA to teach the intersection of strategy and campaigning. Specifically, here are the features I would be interested in:

    1. fog and friction (can only see units adjacent and random effects may hinder some unit types)
    2. intelligence purchase (can buy probability of seeing in the fog)
    3. cheap decoys (1 IPU to buy say 5 infantry but they are fake)
    4. six army free for all map (I don't like to recreate WWII and like when they build their own militaries)
      If you can help, please contact me: I can probably get this funded

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    @General_Zod has worked on a few FFA versions. He might be interested in this. I emailed him for you.

  • @benjamjensen Features 1 to 3 are not supported by TripleA which makes no provision for limited intelligence. Supporting limited intelligence would require major changes in the engine. You would probably be better off with Civilization series or the soon to be re-released The Operational Art of War.

    For that matter "free for all" can be easily done in TripleA (there are many already) but they are thoroughly unrealistic. Real wars have alliances.

    There are also plenty of board games that handle limited intelligence well. Pretty much any "Block" game handles this. The simple WW2 game Fog of War link text is easy to learn, fast-playing and covers the issues you wanted.

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    Yeah I can make you a cool FFA. I have a well liked 4 player version you can checkout.

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