Start of a new v3 anniversary tourney?

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    TOC 3 - It has been confirmed ToC 3 never finished. Lets see if we can find 8 or 16?

    The bracket has been created here. We need 1 or 2 more to start. Or should we wait for 16 players?

    I will use the random seed once we have 8 or 16 players

    Rules Are as follows (still open for discussion)

    V3 41 Low Luck, No Tech, Allies get a 13 bid, No Kamikaze, Total Victory ( a reasonable concede is expected)

    Each match up requires 2 games minimum with each player playing the axis and the allies.

    Should a tie breaker be required then they shall bid for the allies for the third match

    Standard ladder rules apply. Preferable live play, (for the pbem guys hopefully an hr here or there can be scheduled) most want live play, PBEM is of course an option if both agree.

    Confirmed Players are

    • prastle, DayMar, Navaland, Jedimaster, Raville, KJF_ftw, Riverrat, General Zod

    The seed is up! Wait for 16? Or start? Up to you guys.

  • This is worth coming out of retirement for. Where do I sign up? :)

  • Admin

    Right here :) We will also need to decide on rules. Ideas?

  • I vote for LL, NT, NOS, ALLIES 13 :)

  • Admin

    K what do we do about pbem or live? I vote pbem allowed if both agree but live preferred. v3 41 only or is 42 allowed?

  • I think we should only stick to v3, not sure about pbem, could take forever.

  • Admin

    Well many prefer pbem if allowed. I don't but that's me. Thus if we leave live as default and pbem an option all are happy. Is it a 41 only tourney?

  • Ya, a 41 tourney only. We need takers though haha

  • Admin

    Well i think we can scrounge em up! :)

    So rules are as follows...

    Low Luck, No Tech, allies get a 13 bid ver 3 41 only

    PBEM allowed if both agree

    Default is live lobby play.

    final discussion is 1 game elim or 3 games?

  • If it's 8 players, I think it should be best out of 3 elim but if 16 players 1 should suffice lol

  • Admin

    Ok so how about this

    3 game elim if a tie(first 2) they bid for allies

    also they must play allies and axis 1 game each at 13 allies bid

  • sounds fair lol

  • I vot3 ll no tech national objectives are on and 13 allies bid

  • Admin

    Ok we scratch up some more.

    Rules are ladder rules

    Ll No Tech Allies get a 13 bid

    3 games if needed bid off on third

    we have 3 gents we need 5 or 13 more

    slap away

  • Admin

    I would be keen to play if we can default to PBEM. I just don't have the time anymore these days (with kids) to play 5 hours straight. To keep the games moving at a fast pace, we could set a rule to make one turn per day. Most games in the ToC series have finished well within 30 days, typically 3-4 weeks max. We could set a hard deadline for arbitration to determine the winner, after say 4 weeks. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Deltium

  • Admin

    We can put to vote when we have 8. Np Deltium. Not a fan of pbem myself but if I have to I will np. I don't think its fair that some interested peeps should be excluded if they are short on time. Maybe 1 hr matches could be arranged in lobby at times? Just a thought. There is not a strict time frame on this one that has been discussed yet. Im sure they will all be obliging.

  • @prastle if a ladder you tell me, pls
    Ready for tournament, you tell me when to start and a pleasure to game you all.

  • Admin

    @Raville ladder rules just a tourney

  • i am thinking about join too

  • This post is deleted!

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