World War II v5 1942 Second Edition, Battleship two hits issue

  • Just discovered this amazing site. Can't believe I get to get back into A&A.
    Little confused. I love 1942. Playing the second edition map and I'm not sure what I'm missing. AI gets the two hit function on Battleships, but my only option is to lose them. Checked the map options and its not a thing that can be toggled. Even made sure it wasn't a cruiser since I haven't played this forever. Any help? Be kind, first time.

  • @basil-plant Hi basil. Would you explain in a little more detail. Are you saying the AI kills off the BB when it could've taken one hit and another hit on a one hit unit ?

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    @beelee @Basil-Plant I am curious if this is the Battleship dies from one hit glitch that I thought was fixed?

  • @prastle Ya that's what it seems like. I tried looking back through the roll history to see if I was correct that they had only scored one hit. It seems like that was the case. It asked me to choose a casualty. It had the option to choose the BB or choose the same BB with the little fire/hit emblem, but I couldn't use the arrow to choose the second option or physically type in a 1. Now like I said I'm new to the system so I could be confused. Not trying to create work for you. I'll play more and see what I find.

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    @basil-plant The real test would be to reproduce it with only a battleship under attack. To see if it actually takes two hits. Also what engine are you using?

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