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    General Rules

    Use the golden rule, "Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

    We have 5 rules written as follows, all players, including admins, must follow these simple rules when playing on the lobby, in bots, and when using the forums;

    1. Follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you would like to be treated!

    2. No racism, sexism, and homophobic, or otherwise, vulgar language will be tolerated. The admins do not care if it does not offend you and/or your friends. No bullying and/or discrimination will be tolerated, that includes; Race, Religion, Sex, Age, Cultural Background, Sexual Orientation. Use of foul language, discrimination and derogatory comments are not acceptable, and are subject to admin disciplinary action. It is up to the admin to decide what is or is not acceptable in regards to defamation, discrimination and spamming.

    Due to the recent spat of BLATANT! racism in the lobby the TripleA Council has decided to increase the punishment for these offences to an instant 2 week Ban on first offense!

    1. No verbal abuse. Doing so violates rule #1 above.

    2. Listen to the admins and follow their instructions. The admins are here to help the community that you are playing on for free! Do what they say, and if you have a complaint, do it in a civil manner on the forums here. Disobeying an admin can result in you being disciplined by the admins, up to and including being kicked from the game, or temporarily/permanently being banned. We have a thread to lodge complaints, so use it and keep it out of the Lobby.

    3. Please watch your language - there are underage children playing in the lobby, would you want your younger brother/sister/cousin being exposed to the kind of language you're using? Keep it clean when you get upset, take a breather before expressing your feelings in the Lobby and please refrain from swearing.

    Our general policy in regards to breaking the rules is: Warn, Mute, Kick, Day-Ban, Perm Ban. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, you may be insta-day-banned (remember rule #2.) Furthermore, repetitive bad behavior can result in a perm ban, whether its twice or 10 times, it is up to the admins.

    Banning Information

    If you have been banned, and wish to either lodge a complaint or make a case for your un-ban, please go to this thread. Banned players: Please keep personal feelings and attitudes out of your posts. Be professional and clear, try to give any information possible. Unless you are the banned user, banning admin, or another admin involved, we ask that you do not post unnecessarily.

    Forum Rules

    The General Rules above apply to all of our forums.

    Posting of links to websites and information that are discriminatory, derogatory, vulgar, or included sexual content will be edited. Do not post your personal information in the forums, use email.

    Moderators of the forums have the responsibility of cleaning up and looking after the forums. If you feel you have been abused by a user or admin in a forum, please PM another admin.

    All messages posted are to be civil. Lewd conduct on our forums (swearing, name calling or other abusive type behavior) will not be tolerated, and offending users can be banned from the forums. Again, follow the golden rule and treat others as you would like to be treated!

    Lobby and Bot Rules

    Again the General Rules above apply to the Lobby as well to the bots. The bots are not private rooms and the Admin are also moderating the bots. Admins have the right to take action upon you, if you are found in breach of these rules.

    If you feel an admin has abused players or violated the rules, please PM another admin or post here. Do not post a thread for flamebait. Be professional and take a screenshot and let another admin know what has happened.

    If an admin requests something such as, name changing, language control, etc, we ask that all players adhere to them. Admins make the decisions on kicking, banning, etc. Admins may or may not respond to questions regarding the decision, again if you have a complaint, read above.

    Admins will keep a record of any action taken including the user involved, the reason, and hopefully a screenshot of the incident.

    Excessive language, discrimination or openly defacing Lobby admins, Forum mods, and other users can result in being IP banned.

    Donations and other favors do not exempt you from following the lobby rules, and does not limit or prevent the mods from taking any actions, including mutes or bans, against you.

    Usernames Rules

    Please choose your username with care so it don't offend anybody. If a mod asks you to change your username, please change your name. Non-compliance will result in a boot and eventually in a ban from the server.

    The following usernames are explicit not allowed:

    1. Names which contains vulgar language
    2. Names with sexual or racial connotations
    3. Names with a political or religious or ideological agenda
    4. Names which impersonate another player or a mod and names which are made solely to harass, troll or annoy another player or a mod.
    5. Triplea is a wargame and the names of the protagonist of the different warscenarios hosted by the server are allowed. But names that diminish and trivialize or even gloriefies warcriminals or warcrimes are not allowed.
    6. Names that are found to be very offensive


    For minor offenses, we ask you to please stop immediately. General policy is a warn, then kick, then day-ban. Deliberate ignorance of our warnings can result in a ban from the Lobby.

    If a user has been found to directly target a person in a server, they will be removed. If a user comes onto the Lobby and verbally abuses other players, we can ban them. If a user continues to hassle our players, and/or admins, we will take disciplinary action against you, which is depending on the severity of your action.

    Remember our Golden Rule is to treat others the same way you would want to be treated. TripleA is one of the greatest Axis and Allies games and community. We want everyone to enjoy their time here, so please keep it clean and have fun!

    Admin List

    Bung (Retired)
    Yamamot0 (retired)

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    Due to the recent spat of BLATANT! racism in the lobby the TripleA Council has decided to increase the punishment for these offences to an instant 2 week Ban on first offense!

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    I think you can probably just link to them in the OP so that we would have them written in one place.

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