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    I'm posting here because I'm not certain if it a buggy behavior or intended behavior. Plus I wasn't really paying special attention and simply may have missed something.

    I notice a new behavior, which involves the step offered as soon as combat phase begins. In version 3635 and earlier," battle (location)" buttons were always shown on the Action tab. It didn't matter if 1 battle or multiple battles, there was always a user action required before combat actually began anywhere. The player had to choose and click the "battle (location)" button in the Action tab.

    Now in post v3635 however, and since I started paying attention. I notice the that "battle (location)" button(s) is no longer offered to the player at all, if only a single battle is initiated.

    Is this behavior the new intended norm?

    Also I am not 100% sure, but I thought I saw this behavior when multiple battles where initiated as well. It skipped the step offering "battle (location)" buttons and rolled for a battle immediately. I will keep a closer eye on this in future games.

    Also, in the same game, I noticed another intermittent behavior in the purchase phase, that might be related to the above. I made my purchase selection and clicked the "done" button, located at the bottom of purchase screen. Then it jumped straight into a battle roll. It skipped the finalization step for purchase, which is usually in the Action tab. 2 buttons are supposed to be offered to player, "change" or "done". They weren't.

    I have a save here look at r1 and r2 for romans and greeks. I used v 7695 and v 7753 during the game to see if any difference.


    I uploaded the save again, apparently ms edge wont upload anymore, need to use a different browser.

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    Epi was quite upset in lobby today about NML @General_Zod .

    (5:07:43 PM) epinikion (1): well cant do purchase in nml
    (5:07:57 PM) epinikion (1): the battle windoiws open before i clicked them
    (5:08:10 PM) epinikion (1): the purchase window is up when i am in combat phase
    tulkas has joined
    (5:08:18 PM) epinikion (1): THE DESTROY EVERYSTHIONG

    Does this have anything to do with what you are referring to?

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    @general_zod I remember that there were some pull requests after release 3635, that were intended to speed up the game. I don't recall all of them, but at least the "1 battle" issue you mentioned. This one is explained by this pull-request: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/pull/1643

    So chances are that at least some aspects of the behaviours you realized are intentional.

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    Yeah, my guess is that @Panther is correct and changes that @simon33 made to try to have SBR happen first and start the battle immediately if there is only 1 battle have side effects.

    I'll try to take a look at the save game.

    @General_Zod @prastle Have you only noticed the issue on certain maps? Maybe it has to do with the order of phases.

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    @redrum Epi uses a mac

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    @general_zod I'm not able to reproduce the issue you mention around not confirming purchases. I took a save during the start of Roman 1 purchase then select units and it still makes sure I confirm it: 0_1513120995224_test.tsvg

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    This post is deleted!

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    @prastle >
    @prastle said in "battle (location)" button(s):

    (5:08:10 PM) epinikion (1): the purchase window is up when i am in combat phase

    Does this have anything to do with what you are referring to?

    This part of his problem, perhaps is familiar.

    What I saw, was the battle window automatically came up before I finalized the purchase phase. While the battle window was open I saw the Action tab was showing the "change" and "done" buttons for purchase phase, however they were not offered and I couldn't click them.

    What @epinikion has experienced seems to be even worse than mine. Although I was confused too, I started checking my engine settings for the autoclick option, which was off. And no one else in the game was complaining about anything similar. Although when it happens, it was intermittent and fast, so could have been overlooked.

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    @redrum @Panther

    So far on 270BC 40% only.

    Btw, maybe to reproduce the behavior, try to go back and forth a couple times between purchase window and the map view by changing the purchase selections. Click "done" button on purchase window and then click the "change" button in the Action tab. One of the incidents happen to me during that process.

    Ah, yes! A screen shot would have been nice. I wasn't thinking.

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    @general_zod That's exactly what I tried. Changing purchase and clicking done a bunch of times but nothing happened. If you nail down a way to reproduce it then let me know. Otherwise its tough to fix.

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    @redrum @General_Zod I can clarify a bit now.
    I saved epi's long rant
    and reread it

    First he is using mac and I do recall @Lafayette mentioning some issues there with the new engine

    Second He isn't waiting for the bot to load ... takes a lot longer now

    Third his other issues as I mentioned earlier combat window etc

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    @prastle Alright, if you or him has a save game that reproduces the problem let me know.

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