Tiplea can't find Java on Ubuntu 17.10

  • so I have java8 151 installed. The Triplea shell file has execute access enabled. When I try to run the shell file it opens the shell file in a terminal rather than running it. I'm guessing it cannot find java. I uncommented the shell file line defining INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME_OVERRIDE and added the path to the java install. No go. Any idea if I need a different path or what I'm doing wrong?


  • Admin

    We need to agree on a terminology here:
    I assume you're trying to host a game on your local machine using a script.
    And when you double click the script it opens the file rather than executing it.
    If that's the case, java is probably not the issue.
    Has been some time since I used the normal Desktop Ubuntu, but I believe you can right click the file and select something like "run in terminal" or something?
    Alternatively you can right click on an empty space in the folder where your script is, open a terminal, type ./scriptname and press enter.
    This works for sure.
    Report back if you still have any issues.

  • Thanks RoiEX Got it sorted out. Was trying to run but install wasn't complete.
    Thanks again

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