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  • I would like to see a standard developed (and followed) in regards to depicting the different types of aircraft. Occasionally, it gets very hard to distinguish between a fighter and a bomber (without closer inspection). With the addition of dive bombers and tactical bombers, (etc.), it gets even harder.

    This is just a suggestion, but (since fighters should be smaller than bombers), I'd recommend that fighters be horizontal or vertical and bombers be diagonal.

    Taking those recommendations a step further: Normal Bombers could face up and to the right; Tactical Bombers face up and to the left; dive bombers face down and to the left (or right?); etc.

    Perhaps the normal fighter faces left and the jet fighter faces right, while the long range fighter faces up and the long range jet fighter faces down.

    No doubt there will be debate as to the need for such a standard, but I have a fairly nice size screen and I still find it hard to tell a Japanese fighter from a Japanese Bomber.

    And yes, one can mouse over each unit to get a detailed description; but that's just annoying and time consuming.

    Your thoughts?

  • @stohrm what game are you playing Stohrm ? You can customize the image however you like. I'm not sure if it's on here anymore but Veqryn had consolidated all triplea art at one point. Sadly I've lost my copy of it.

    Also Joe Pants has a file with a large selection of units. That one is available. Heppster has a pile of units as well. I'd just go through and pick out the ones you like and add it to w/e game(s) you play.

    Custom maps have unique art. So there will be variations obviously.

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    @stohrm There really is no limit to what you can do if you aren't happy with the images you are playing with. As @beelee says above... you can go through any map and pick and choose the most distinctive images, or you can customize anything and everything within your own game files.

    Here is a simple example.... I chose Global based on the descriptors you used...

    0_1513959301207_Air Identifications.png

    I mean the options are endless.... from simplified abbreviations... small distinct icons... you can do whatever it takes to make the units pop with enough distinctiveness that recognizing them should be a breeze.

  • It's been a while since I've been here (in the Forums) and I do appreciate your response(s).

    Yes, I am aware that one can use Paint (or any other graphics program) and modify the look of the Units. I don't know if there's a 55x55 pixel limit; but, as such, there's not a whole lot one can do.

    I have modified all the Infantry type units and done so fairly successfully; but I'm far from any kind of graphic artist.

    I've been working on the ships as well; but they're even harder. Again, 55x55 is an extremely small canvas...

    Which is why I suggested a "standardization" (in the first place). Yes, unique looks (based on Nationality) are nice; but are they practical?

    Anyway, the game I've been playing (and modifying for myself) is "World War II Global - 1940" and I've been splicing in "Pact of Steel 2" bits and pieces. I believe it was the British planes that were the issue; but, yes, I will get around to changing them.

    Anyway, again, thanks for your responses. I'm way too much of a loner; but I'm trying...

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