Idea for the relaunch

  • So to help smooth over the transition, and complement this forums migration with something related to gameplay, I think it would be cool to put out a new standard package for Global, v5, v6.

    Barney has been working on a draft concept (with some assists from Prastle already in the q/a).

    The idea is to use the tech feature and edit mode in tandem to create some House Rules options for modding these games on the fly.

    For example, in v5 the following options via auto- add tech...

    Auto-destroy factory (when territory is taken)
    Factory +2 production bonus (anywhere on the map, with no restrictions)
    M3 Transports and Cruisers
    VC objective bonus +5
    Cost 5 Strategic Bomber (defenseless bomber)
    Battleship AAA fire
    Tactical Bomber
    New Sub/Destroyer interaction
    New Shipyards cost structure
    Classic Transport (just for kicks)

    This would allow for "pre-set" savegames, for the standard A&A boards using popular HRs.

    For v6, you could throw Artillery up in the mix, or do things to expand the economy or production on that board, to make it more interesting.

    We do something similar for Global, albeit more advanced, you know, since its Global haha. Basically these files replace the default gamefiles for G40, v5, and v6. They allow for play under OOB conditions, but with the mod options grafted on top too, using the auto-tech method, so players can use HRs if desired.

    Also, while we're at it, can we change the Hex color in G40 for "Allies Neutral" so it's different from True Neutral? Right now the color values are identical, which means changing a territory from True Neutral to Pro-Allied Neutral on the fly provides no visual indicator. It would be cool for mods if all these colors were distinct, so we didn't have to rely on the relief (since that's harder to tweak via edit.)

    But yeah, that's the basic idea. An HR package for the popular standard A&A games, that comes built in with the edit mode, as part of the add tech menu.

    Anyone else think something like that would be cool? I mean it's already in the oven basically, but thought it might be a fun idea to launch it at around the same time as the forums merge, to ice the transition to the warclub. Stressing continuity, continued development, and whatnot. Then drop some links at A&Aorg to the new material like these mod packages, highlight the more recent AI improvements and things of that sort, so we can start driving some traffic over here. Get this place cracking hehe

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