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  • Re: No unit - except air units - should be allowed to move during both CM and NCM during the same turn

    I have a elite unit that a air transport unit would drop into battle or transport during ncm. Was gone for a while and just started working on the map again and it only allows the elite to drop into battle when being transported by the air transport. The transport can no longer move him in ncm. Came across the above thread and suspect that is probably why.

    Is there any way to transport units with paratrooper tech in ncm ? The elite unit was a kinda special forces dude that could blitz with tanks, amphib off BBs and CAs, paratooper and then you could use him as a quick reaction force during ncm by having the transport fly him to a friendly tt using the transports max range.

    Is this still possible ?

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    @beelee look at @Cernel code
    in advanced tech and turn on paras can move in non - com

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    @beelee Yes all of that is possible.

    The Paratrooper attachment no longer does anything. That was depreciated some time ago.

    You need to look at POS2. The is "isairTransport" and "isairTransportable" are the 2 attachments you need for the units and then there is a Global property that governs whether a unit can move deep into enemy territories.

    If you look at TWW everything you need is in there.

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    @hepps paras cant move deep .... it becomes evil! But yes that option is there as well.


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    @prastle I'm all about evil. Was just pointing out that it is possible if the goal was to make the unit more versatile and realistic.

    But what I was really saying is that the transporting unit can always move during CM & NCM phases since it would be "isAir". You would have to add other attachments to the transporting unit if you wanted it to move only during NCM.

  • @hepps Thanks eveyone ! I got kinda bummed for a minute 🙂

    hmm...isair you could have snipers target them with AA heh heh right on thanks again

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    <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="britishAirTransport" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
      <option name="movement" value="2"/>  (this movement range may seem low because we have airfields that give extra movement) 
      <option name="attack" value="1"/>  (We use the attack value to create an amphibious type bonus.  Otherwise Att would normally be 0)
      <option name="defense" value="0"/>
      <option name="transportCapacity" value="2"/>
      <option name="isAir" value="true"/>
      <option name="isAirTransport" value="true"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="britishAircraftPlant"/>
          <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="britishParatrooper" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
      <option name="movement" value="1"/>
      <option name="attack" value="2"/>
      <option name="defense" value="3"/>
      <option name="isLandTransportable" value="true"/>
      <option name="isAirTransportable" value="true"/>
      <option name="transportCost" value="2"/>
      <option name="requiresUnits" value="britishBarracks"/>
      <option name="canInvadeOnlyFrom" value="none"/>

  • @hepps far out ! Thank You !

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    @beelee and in regards to your initial post.... the quote you provided does not mean to reflect that combat units cannot move during non combat.... but rather that Air units are the only unit that can move (within the same turn) in both phases. All non-air units are confined to moving in Combat OR Noncombat. Just not in both during the same turn. The archaic rule was just revived from original board games where doing moves in both phases lead to confusion on the board. and while it is a non-issue with our movement validation and undo ability within Triple A... purists will be purists.

  • @hepps right on.
    Guess I freaked for nothing. That was a easy fix. My brain does scramble after an all night session : )

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    @beelee Been there... done that.

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    @beelee yes bee you hit the nail on the HEAD. It means that IF the random aa shot hits the para bomber they air transport dies ... The only know glitch that is left ( that I know of) is that the bomber can continue to fly and bomb after dropping para. Which is not legal. BUT yes many wonderfull things available 🙂 Great stuff

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    @prastle That is easily correctable inside the XML. It is really just the way you guys have approached para in your game.

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    @hepps Nope
    also needs the move para first and control/click movement fixed
    It shouldn't need to matter if ya do it at start of round.
    AND it shouldn't require control movements
    of fly pattern

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    @Hepps to clarfy this occurs any game with paras and non com movement.

    But i can say I never checked in tww

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    @prastle Then don't know how you are saying no. Just because you have never looked for a solution.... doesn't mean one isn't available. 😃

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    @hepps k boss i will test

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    @Hepps but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be fixed for all other maps! 🙂

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    @prastle Fixing things in lots of available maps is a highly subjective thing. 😉

  • @hepps Ran into a retreat problem for my elite dude. He's not supposed to be able to when being air dropped. Checked POS and TWW but couldn't find how to make it happen.

    Know you're busy but would appreciate it if you would clue me in when you get a chance : )


    OK got it to kinda work. If I kill the elite and then try and retreat the transport i get "couldn't find step name germans withdraw". Still lets it retreat but I've never seen that before. I'll dick with it some more.

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