Need Unit Colored

  • I have a mobile artillery unit that I got from joe pant's brown folder link text that needs coloring.

    I have my effort, the default and a armor unit showing the countries color. The German one actually turned out pretty good. A little darker or lighter than country color would be ok to help identify it.

    I posted at the old forum as well. Since we're in transition I figured I'd post here as well. 🙂

    Anyway, if anybody is up for it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    [](Uploading 100%)

    Hmm...wouldn't let me upload the file. Said I didn't have privileges for that. Well, I'll go ahead and leave this up. You can get the file at the old forum.

  • Admin

    @beelee That's interesting that you couldn't upload. How big was the file size and what file sizes are allowed at source forge? I just double checked that we had turned on file uploads for all users and we

  • Admin

    @beelee what exactly wouldnt it let you do?

  • @prastle
    It was a zip file with a dozen or so unit images. [](Uploading 100%) It says:

    path/ post upload error. you do not have enough privileges for this action.

  • Admin

    @beelee Note below i was able to upload and all users have same permissions. But we need to solve this to get this forum working for all.

  • Admin

    @beelee I believe it is fixed now for uploads and right click/open in new tab - should work for downloads for now.


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