Can't Navigate Forum Site Since Update

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    Ever since the update, which looks nice by the way. I can no longer navigate the forum site as General_Zod.

    What I mean by navigate is if I click on any category/topic it just goes into a blank page, that looks like its trying to load, but never does. I can however click on recent posts on right side, via the blue read more links. And I have access to my chats and user settings. That's it the rest doesn't function normally.

    However, if I logout I can navigate the site as normal. So what I did just to get to the Help & Questions category, was click on it while logged out. Then I logged in while there, and composed this.

    Please help, and I'd prefer keeping my user intact.

    One thing to add, I think that I was still logged in during the shutdown. I can't think of anything else from my side, that may have caused problems, to my user only.

    Oh and the Home link works. Nothing else.

    I'm using windows 10, MS Edge and MS Explorer. Also I just noticed the blue links on right side while on home page (Recent Active Topics) also function.

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    This seems to be a know issue at NodeBB.
    Switching your browser should temporarily fix the issue.
    The issue described there is a slightly different scenario, so could you open the console and post the error log (if any) here?
    I'll try checking if this issue occurs to me as well later this day.

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    working fine with google chrome

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    @beck ya firefox works as well.

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    @General_Zod I could reproduce this issue, and found a potential cause, that seemed to make it better, but it still happens to me (cause by someone *cough cough* with lacking understanding of HTML messing with the sidebar widgets :P).
    I'll do some more testing to see if this changes anything...

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    @roiex if i screwed something up i deeply apologize 🙂 but i don't even recall the last time I touched the widgets. Just for info.

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    @prastle Yeah, I believe this issue has been there for ages, with no one noticing, because browsers are way too forgiving when it comes to HTML parsing ^^
    Edge has this great feature that logs warnings in the console when it encounters a severe HTML violation, like more than 1 <body> tag.

    @General_Zod I restarted edge, logged in again (it didn't check the auto-login checkbox), and now I'm no longer able to reproduce this issue.
    Please report back if this still occurs to you after logging out restarting your browser and back in, you might want to clear your cache and cookies. If this isn't enough.

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    @roiex Ok so I logged out of forum completely, logged out of laptop, restarted it. Same deal. Btw its not just MS Edge, also MS Explorer. No errors pop up in the MS Edge console as I try to navigate.

    I'm trying to delete just the cookie for this site, but I cant find one. As I really don't wanna delete all my cookies. Is there a way to delete specific files for this site?

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    @General_Zod I don't think deleting cookies will fix your issue then.
    I'll open an issue later this day over at NodeBB.

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    @roiex I do see errors in MS Edge console now.

    SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    categories (1,1)
    20 SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    app.js (440,28)
    9 SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    can-t-navigate-forum-site-since-update (1,1)
    48 SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    jquery.js (5811,34)
    5 SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    can-t-navigate-forum-site-since-update (1,1)
     SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    jquery.js (5811,34)
    2 SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    can-t-navigate-forum-site-since-update (1,1)
     SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    nprogress.js (468,26)
    34 SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    can-t-navigate-forum-site-since-update (1,1)
     SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    jquery.js (5811,34)
    6 SCRIPT5: SCRIPT5: Access is denied.
    9 (1,1)
    18 SCRIPT5: Access is denied.

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    @roiex I installed FireFox and it seems ok when logged in as myself.

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    @General_Zod It seems this issue is being cause by missing translations.
    Could you change your forums language to en-GB and try again?
    This fixed the issue for me.

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    Ello govna, that seemd to fix mee problem.

    Long live the queen!

    Cheers 🙂

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