How do invisible units work ?

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    So I see maps that use invisible units, but when I try to use one I get an error saying the unit is invisible. I searched around and looked at some xmls but couldn't find an explanation.

    Anyone care to explain how they work ? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    The only “invisible unit” I have used is transparent pictures to replace flags. I have used that on maps where Capitol Markers are set to true an shown, but some secondary players, like pirates or other AI controlled map hazards, should not have their capitals shown. Then the real players could have capitals markers shown and AI players their hidden.

    I used the following picture. Maybe you can use the same if it is an error with the loading of the picture of your invisible unit. (You do still need a picture! And this one is “invisible”)

    What is it you are trying to achieve? What is the invisible unit for? It is not totally invisible as one can see it if you mouse-over the territory while looking at the territory tab in the right of the screen.

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    Right on Frostion. yea I erased a image and then put one dot on it. That didn't work. Then I found an invisible one on one of Rolfs maps but it had the same result.

    On the global map UK Pacific's unit's all turn British after they're placed, except for their infrastructure. I have a 2-hit unit that requires other units to place it and repair it. So UKP couldn't do it because it wasn't it's own unit.

    Zim Zero said invisible units aren't meant to be played, just sense conditions. So I guess it didn't like the fact it had repair and placement abilities. Anyway I switched over and gave everybody their own production Frontier. It solved the repair issue but not placement so I just made it placeable without requiring any units. It'll have to be player enforced. Not a huge deal as this unit will rarely be purchased anyway.

    I'm gonna test your image as well as I still don't fully grasp what they can and can't do.

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    I don’t think there is anything special about an invisible unit. It functions like all other units with the same given stats would. The only thing is that it uses a picture that can’t be seen. So it is not meant to be seen and could cause a lot of confusion if a map maker wants players to actively use the unit … as players will have a hard time spotting the invisible pictures.

    If an invisible unit does something on a map just after it is placed, it must be because some condition is set to look for the placement and then triggers an effect when it happens.

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    Hmm...yea that's what I thought. I haven't tried your unit yet, so maybe it'll work. The more I think about it though, I don't think the invisible unit will solve what I'm trying to do. It's good to know how they work though.

    Basically I need a different players unit be able to allow placement of a another players unit. I thought with nation specific units, it'd work. I probably need to try that again.

    Anyway, thanks for your help. It's appreciated : )

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