'isNotPurchaseFor' for resource

  • 'isDisplayedFor' is used to not display a resource. What this would show is a resource at the bottom of the screen, but not in the purchase window.

    In US: A/Invasion USA I use resources as counters. One is the count of Victory Cities a player has captured. This is nice information to display at the bottom of the screen, but the VCs is not used to purchase anything. So I would like a way to not let it be shown in the purchase window.



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    I can see the usefulness in having special resources function as counters for various things šŸ‘ and therefore only be displayed in the main window bottom bar, not in the purchase screen. And it would be cool to have conditions and triggers go of when a certain amount has been reached .... this is not possible yet? Or?

  • @frostion Thus far we have no way of checking the amount of resources a player has that I know of. As for a counter: I start at X and decrease by Y, the counting code was already done, I just added the resource to the counter for a display. ie... at the start of the game AI invaders are given 8 infantry, later as a reinforcement they are give 5 infantry. So to count I gave AI 16 IU and decrease by 5 which leave 13. The Human player was already given the 16IU, but has to purchase with them, so I don't have to keep track of theirs. The same thing is done with the track of turns. All invaders are given 10RAs and 1 is decreased at the end of each turn. The end code was already there, this just gave the players a visual guide.


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    Yes I agree, this is a useful request. Not all resources acquired by an individual nation will be used during purchase. Thus may not want them listed in purchase. And may or may not want them displayed at bottom bar either.

    A method to differentiate would be nice. Especially once resources are actually capable of being used in conditions ( hopefully coming soon šŸ™‚ ). If that happens resources will become much more prevalent in new maps and mods. And most likely in some very creative ways.

    Btw, this also a good supporting reason to not get carried away with the sizes of images and texts in purchase and bottom bar. So we can accommodate future expansion.

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