Objectives Window Option

  • Maps with a lot of Objectives means you need to scroll to see them all. If you drag the obj panel and make it wider you can see more w/out scrolling.

    Was wondering if having a "enlarge" or something to that effect button next to the "Refresh objectives" would work. Set some sort of default size for it.

    Or have the Obj automatically center on your player when you click on it ? Might not be quite as good as you want to see where others are at as well. Maybe both ?

    I have no idea how feasible this would be. Just a thought : )


  • @beelee said in Objectives Window Option:

    Or have the Obj automatically center on your player when you click on it ?

    Have it center on the player owning the territory the cursor is pointing at.

  • Admin

    @beelee I think it could definitely be improved. We have a number of areas that end up on many maps having a large scroll area that is difficult to utilize. Posting some examples from various maps would help give more context.

    @alkexr That would probably not be a good solution as if I open up the objectives tab to say look at the current nation objectives then scroll around to look at some things and all of a sudden its switching to a different players objectives, that would probably be a poor experience. I think something more a long the lines of making it easier to display objectives for the nation you are interested in some sort of filter at the top of the objectives tab.


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