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  • Hey everyone, I haven't been able to play much recently, but I loved playing the NWO WW2 map when I had time. I was just wondering if there was a way to get a high res map without any units on it for printing. I was thinking of using A&A global 1940 pieces on it and making a nice huge table-top map. That would be awesome for playing in person with friends. Any ideas on how to do get the image? I can figure out the printing, but I'm not sure how to get the image except for a very tiny one.

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    @jesse-boulard when you are playing you can use the menu at the top to remove the units from the map....

    View> Show units

    Once you have removed the units you can then use the Export menu option...
    and take a shot of the map.

  • @jesse-boulard Hi jesse

    Idk myself but here is one thread over at A& where guys are doing that. There's other threads that talk about it there as well.

    link text

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    @jesse-boulard The issue you will have with NWO is that the resolution on the map will be pretty questionable when you print the snap shot at a size that is anywhere close to usable as a physical game board.

    The map would pretty much need to redrawn from scratch in order to use.

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    Only way for you to get a high resolution image is to open the reconstructed baseTiles and reliefTiles in preferably a graphics editing app.

    I'm looking at NWO and your in luck they left a blank map image (reconstructed baseTiles) named NWOblank.png in the map folder located in folder.

    You can paint it and scale it, as you see fit and print it. And or you can add the reliefTiles over it and have one of the available map skins. Note you will still have to paint the blank.

    If you want info on reconstructing the reliefTiles. You can ask for help here.

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