Bombards in Big World v3

  • I was playing Big world v3; and noticed that shore bombards are acting first strike; that is units killed by them don' tget to retaliate; which isn't supposed to be the case for v3. is that happening for other people as well? The engine version i'm on has had some issues at times, and it may've messed with the maps too, so I need to know if updating will fix the issue or if it'd persist.

  • @zlefin you could check " Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted" and see if it's set to true.

    Ooops ! Wrong one. wc is correct : )

  • Check under 'Map Options' on the main screen, before playing the game, and see if the option: "Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire" is listed and checked.
    If it is not listed, you may have to check the xml to see if it is there and what properties are listed, the one you are looking for should look something like:

        <property name="Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire" value="false" editable="false">

    If it is not there then place that in the <propertyList> section and set value to "true".
    Hope that helps


  • @beelee poor guy is going to be slapped around with all sorts of answers. LOL

  • Yes, about shore bombards the system version should be fixed as standard for the game as v3 to retaliate; it works as revised with not chance for enemy to answer fire in land then working as a v2. Name of map is: Big World v3, and should work as that version in all sense.

  • @raville If I'm reading the xml correctly:

    	<property name="Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire Restricted" value="true" editable="false">

    The word 'Restricted' on the end would make this a custom property, and the default "false" would be for an unlisted property. Removing " Restricted" should allow the property to work.


  • Admin

    If memory serves me correctly. That has always been the case on that map. It can be include as optional.

    <property name="Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire Restricted" value="true" editable="false">

    This is the setting from bw v3.

  • Thanks wc_sumpton, is it possible that map could have been fixed as default to all? Thanks


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