Check dice without email

  • Hi, I'm using and, in a game, my opponent and me didn't receive the emails from the server.
    There is a way to check the rolled dice?

  • Admin

    Have you looked in junk mail? Maybe the address is marked as junk at your side? I keep getting the mails from this forum as junk mail and have tried to unjunk them.

  • We always receive the dice emails except the last time and they aren't in the junk folder.
    Are the emails the only way to check the rolled dice?

  • Admin

    I hope someone else can answer, as I have no idea about how that system works.

  • Admin

    The emails should be coming from the marti dice server not here. I wonder if anyone else is having a problem?
    Also are you trying to Play By Forum? If this is the case it is still broken atm until the next update.

  • We are playing PBEM (not Play By Forum) as usual.

    TripleA shows "" as dice server and we use it normally.
    In the emails we read that the "From" is "" and they contain a link to verify the dice:
    "" followed by many codes.

    The question is: can we check the dice (showed in the TripleA history) without having received the emails (not in spam/junk)?


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