Customizable UI Mouse Clicks & Spacebar Presses For Action Buttons - Game Engine Preference.

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    I propose a game engine preference that allows a player to customize how many mouse click or spacebar presses it takes to confirm an action. Ideally it would be broken down by all game phases but even if one setting for all would help eliminate many misclicks.

    So some examples would be to end your turn it requires 1-3 left clicks of mouse on the "done" button and or 1-3 spacebar presses while tabbed to the "done" button. Same would apply to ending any phases.

    Also apply this to battle casualty selection clicks/presses on that "ok" button.

    So in short the "done" buttons for phases and the "ok" buttons for casualty selection would be the main buttons. We could add more customizable UI settings to more buttons. Maybe the "retreat" button for example.

    Not sure if the quickness of the clicks or presses will be a curbing factor in this proposal.

    Furthermore if this is possible, I suggest the default be 2 clicks/presses for "done" and "ok" buttons in above examples.

    Alterations to this proposal would be, to not be settable, just default for 2clicks/presses for "done" and "ok".

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    @general_zod That might be tough to implement, as described.

    Would you consider something like a checkbox that you have to select before the "OK" button is clickable? The best way I can describe that is those "I agree to the terms and conditions etc. etc." checkboxes you may see when purchasing something that you have to select before you are able to submit your order. That's two clicks, but since they're on different UI elements, it's kind of like three steps (click-move-click) to confirm the action.

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    Click move confirm is not too bad if the checkbox large enough and is right next to the existing "done" and "ok" buttons.

    But I wonder if a double button feature (either side by side or upper/lower configurations) would be better than a button and a checkbox.

    But honestly either is method is better than existing setup if the movement factor is minimal.

    However a check box seems ok now that I think of it as a pure confirmation method.

    So I just looked at UI, an upper lower configuration seems to have least amount of movement required.

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    Many top-down view strategy and tactical games allow for a little user preferences. I would say that players are mostly a bit experienced in general when they start to alter their UI in game options. That would also go for the non-control UI themes in TripleA. So what you are proposing might be a feature that some advanced user would make use of, as they have learned what they personally would want to alter to ease their play, and they have figured out that there is a way to alter.

    Personally I would always stick to the default UI setup, as I would hope that the developers of the game try to keep the best possible balance between user friendliness and optimal control.

    So on one side I hope developers themselves would play with the default setup to keep in touch with the common players experience, on the other side a little advanced customisation of the UI is probably something a bunch of people would like very much.

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    I agree with many of your points.

    But I also believe misclicks is an inherent problem in current UI design. I would opt to keep the confirmation checkbox a default setting in future engines and then the experienced player can go deactivate, if they desire.

    On the other hand, the typical new TripleA player wont even be aware of the misclick issues so they wont even think of looking for a engine preference to change it. I would rather give them a default safety net and remove it once they know what they like about the UI configuration.

    I just hope the movement component of the equation doesn't make it a pain.

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    Thinking on it some more. I suggest the confirmation checkbox should always be next to the button (done/ok) as a pre checked or not checked box, depending engine preference.

    1. If the engine preference is activated then confirmation is required by placing a check the box.

    2. If the engine preference is deactivate then the confirmation box is a pre checked.

    This disposition might be helpful if one wants to remove the pre check from the box to be safe (if desired) , while still in normal game mode.

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