Revised TECH ONLY Tournament, Season 1

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    Revised TECH ONLY Tournament, Season 1

    Due to popular request, several players have asked for a Revised TECH tournament. This will be a special Tech tournament, and I have documented the rules in the following link:

    First place = $50

    We shall start the tournament as soon as we have at least 8 players, with a maximum of 16 players.

    Cheers, Deltium

    Players registered:


    Bracket is located here:

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    Sounds intriguing, sign me up please!



  • Hi I would like to enter the tournament

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    @mafachew - welcome. you are registered.

  • Sign me up please. Thanks. Nay

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    Thanks for signing-up Barca. You are registered.

  • Hi, sign me up, please!

    Thank you Deltium for organising tournaments!

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    @Pannpall - you are registered, thanks!

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    @deltium 🙂 Good job ! Pm when we can discuss the transfers for the other tourneys and ya have time. Nice stuff !

  • Sign me up please!

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    @QuarterMaster - OK, you are officially registered !

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    All - we now have an even 8 participants. As it is unlikely that we are going to get to 16, I will setup the bracket and launch this new tournament in the next 2 days.

    Cheers, Deltium

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    OK, registration is now closed, and we have officially launched the Revised TECH ONLY Tournament, Season 1.

    I have sent each set of participants a detailed email. For everyone's benefit:

    Bracket is located here:

    Rules are located here:

    Please take careful note of the special rules for this tournament:

    The default rules will be STANDARD Revised rules (as documented in the Revised rule book exactly), BUT with the following key exception for this TECH Tournament:

    • As this tournament differentiates itself by emphasizing the Tech tree in Revised, not only will tech be allowed, it will be REQUIRED !!
    • How does this work? Well, each player is REQUIRED to continue spending on tech until a minimum of 65 IPCs (13 tech dice) is purchased for tech.
    • For avoidance of doubt, there is no requirement to purchase tech dice in any given round, BUT in order to prevent incredibly lucky tech dice by one player, each player must spend a MINIMUM of 65 IPCs by the END of the SIXTH Round on tech dice. For avoidance of doubt, a player may spend those 65 IPCs in a single round OR spread out equally over the six rounds, but the total MUST be 65 IPCs or greater.
    • If EITHER player fails to spend 65 IPCs by the END of the SIXTH round, the leftover number of IPCs required will be automatically deducted, at your opponent's option. This strong rule is in place to ensure that each player spends "enough" on tech to make the overall game "tech heavy" thereby increasing both the diversity and complexity of the game. If your opponent has not spent the 65 IPCs by the end of the 5th round, please send opponent a warning message, so that an inadvertent penalty is not incurred. That is good sportsmanship.
    • If a player still has not successfully rolled for tech by the end of the sixth round, AND has spent at least 65 IPCs on tech dice (e.g. 13 dice or more), then at this point, it is the player's option of whether to continue spending on tech or not, and there is no further penalty.

    The winner will receive a $50 prize, which has been donated.

    Cheers, Deltium

  • Question,
    1)each player is REQUIRED to continue spending on tech until AT LEAST ONE technology is researched . This means I can stop spending money on tech if i get one

    1. must spend a MINIMUM of 65 IPCs. What if i get a tech before i spend 65 IPCs. Do i still need to spend IPCS.

    2. I think you mean a player must spend 65IPC regardless of the outcome.

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    Yes, that's correct. A minimum of 65 IPCs is required to be spent on tech by the end of Round 6, regardless of the outcome.

    I have updated the section of the rules to make this clearer for everybody.

    Thanks, Deltium

  • I would also like to join, please sign me up.

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    @MetalKite - we have already launched this tournament, but if anyone falls away, you can be our first substitute !

  • Panpal axis(+9) defeats QuarterMaster allies after a game that both players invested heavily in navies. Germany bought 2 trannies to strengthen the Baltic fleet. UK discovered Desroyer Bombardement and so starting investing in Destroyers. Germans built a carrier to defend the Baltic and started building subs to threaten the Uk navy. On round 5 they managed to discover super subs, thus putting increasing pressure on the Uk fleet which was forced to buy a carrier and more destroyers to strengthen its fleet leaving few ipc to spare on inf. On the Pacific US 0_1524511497076_triplea_Jap7.tsvg decided to build only navy to threaten Japan. However, Japan has managed to secure Asia territories, thus having a sufficient income to buy enough planes and naval units to deter the Us attack. It also discovered long-range aircraft enabling Jap planes to defend carriers and at the same time trade asia territories with Russia. Finally, Axis was stonger both in Baltic and in the Pacific while russia was left alone to defend itself. At this point the allies decided to surrender honourably even though they could have keep fighting for more turns. Overall it was a nice game were techs played a major rolle. So I would like to thank quartermaster for a fun and challenging game and deltium for organising a tech tournament.

  • Panpal (axis+9) defeats Dirty_Tripitz (allies) in a fun heavy tech game. Round one was incredible for axis as pretty much every battle went in their favour. However. UK got heavy bombers in round 1which seemed to balance the game. However, Germany, spent 40 ipc on round 2 to secure heavy bombers, thus allowing to easily sink the allied fleet. With those heavy bombers germans were able to sink two more US fleets and denying the allies the chance to land in Europe. In the meantime, US got also heavy bombers and allied strategic bombing greatly reduced germans income. Japan built 2 factories keeping Russia busy and some naval units to defend against the heavy bombers.Also both axis powers managed to research rockets and steel Russian income. Finally, UK managed to sink a huge Japan nany but Russia was left alone and fall. Allies try to build a strong air force and managed to sink a strong German fleet but axis had secured a high income and Japan was theatening West US so allies finally surrendered. I recommend a quick look at the save game to discover how much different and fun a game can be made when tech is researched early on. Long range aircraft and heavy bombers can wreak havoc against fleets. Overall I would like to congratulate my opponent. He was fighting an uphill battle from round 1, but he never complained about dice. Finally, I would like to thank Deltium for organising this tournament and I would suggest he should keep the price and have a drink with his wife, or donate it to the tripleA. I am looking forward to the next tournament0_1524681612163_dirty_tech_final.tsvg

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    Pannpall - congratulations on your win to be the FIRST winner of the Revised Tech Only Tournament, Season 1 !!

    Thanks to all participants to make this a fun, tech-heavy series and add some good spice and volatility into an already fun game.

    Pannpall, thank you as well for your willingness to donate the $50 prize money. I will donate the $50 to TripleA on behalf of you today.

    Warm Regards, Deltium