everytime on the actual game when i try to play online it freezes my laptop does this happen to anyone else plz help?

  • help me plz in confused

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    @joshypooh it might be a memory issue josh. You could try turning on the debug console and see if anything shows up before it freezes. Hit "engine preferences" then "testing" then "show console always"

    Does it work ok in local mode ? Does it happen on different games ?

    You could try asking @Panther or @prastle I don't really know a whole lot about it : )

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    Hey @JoshyPooh , can you please provide some more details:

    • What are the specifications of your notebook? Especially the amount of RAM is interesting.
    • What Operating System are your running (Windows, Linux or MacOS)? 32 or 64 bit?
    • Do you have the latest Java 8 installed?
    • Which TripleA-version are you trying?
    • Is only a special map affected - or does it happen with every map?
    • Does this occur everytime you run TripleA and try to go online or does it happen only with a special game?
    • Do you get an error message?

    Please add as much details as possible. Thank you.

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