Revised Tournament of Champions 11 (ToC 11)

  • Hey! Thanks Deltium. I'm glad so many people made it over ultimately. Even though people had talked about TripleA at the end, I had feared the whole thing had petered out. It's been almost 3 years now! I glanced at the interface. It seems like at least some things are better. I remember there were various little details and bugs you had to know at GTO, regarding AA and the like... Does this work according to the rules exactly, without hiccup? The interface seems different enough to throw off my thinking. Is everyone used it and happy now?

    Whatever happened to the GTO Axis license? The people that bought it just sat on it and did nothing?

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    @louisxivxiv Welcome! If you have specific feedback on things you liked about GTO or other platforms that TripleA doesn't appear to have then please create a thread in this subforum to discuss:

  • Would love to join if there's still room. Above intermediate level currently. Thanks!

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    Epinikon defeats Diecaster, by arbitration. The game advanced to Round 11. Each player received a detailed analysis of the game in a fair and transparent process, and outlined the various factors in the ultimate decision.

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    @deltium It would be great to have save games and recaps of all games. Just a thought.

  • hi,

    i just finished my game vs hammond, i managed to beat him in a very long and exciting game when he finaly surrendered in r22.
    i was playing axis with +10 and it was very close for a very long time. at some stage allies allowed the jap fleet to enter med which improved the axis situation a lot.

    thanks for the game

  • Luck (I mean me) (Axis) defeats Epinikion (Allies)

    Harsh dice for allies from start of the game, leaving Ukraine gray, choosing to sacrifice bomber in baltic sea vs a single transport, game began with a good position for Axis, it continued that way throughout the game with good moves and bad dice, no hits from AA guns for allies and an uncanny luck for Germany in Ukraine, where reds struck out all but once, those 3 IPCs per round made it possible for an early double hit on moscow to finally be taken by round 9, Epi went for a hit on Asian sea after Japan fleet attacked USA in med and was destroyed. but Japan was solid with money from the whole of Asia and Moscow, and Germany had a strong grip in northern europe by then, Epinikion surrendered once Japan bought a fleet strong enough to face the green fleet, giving no space for an asian overturn.

    Good Game Epinikion, hope we have a rematch soon.

  • Stroid (allies) defeats Comorv (axis, G9)

    An EXCELLENT game. Both sides played well. Always refreshing to play with another quick playing, live player like myself. Germany got a solid early africa lead, sweeping up the continent and having strong income. But japan was slowed greatly by allies in asia. Japan went mass IC eventually putting one in all of the 3 IPC asia lands plus china! I have never seen so many and so fast jap IC before. So japan made very slow but steady headway while allies battle heavily with germany. After seeing all the jap IC, USA decided to go PAC. So she bought 4 figs and pulled fleet back. But germany saw this as an opportunity to stack karelia. This allowed USA to turn around 180 and land in WE with the brits. Germany responded in an unexpected way by stacking WR against russia rather than pulling tanks back to defend WE. So allies became firmly entrenched in WE while the german pressure on moscow gave the japs the much needed break so they could jump forward against russia. WE and jap stack in persia both grew rapidly. Russia was one turn from falling but germany made a critical mistake. Trying to hold both berlin and EE, berlin was left open to a huge double tap by the allies. This ended the game with the allies wiping much sweat off their head. GG WP Comorv! Best game yet!

  • polarole allies vs ajmdemen axis

    it was a nice and interesting game pretty close for a long time. ajm.. got axis with 3 inf ukr, wru, and belo.
    german did well early on and expanded and kept a pretty big income throughout the game. allies managed to secure africa and sink ger med fleet fastly.
    while japs where putting pressure on russia allies focussed on keeping maximum attrition on germans.
    ajm surrendered after g10 after allies succesfuly kept seu and build there while russia was still holding with uk and us reinforcements.

    thanks for the nice game

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    OK, it is Stroid and Polarole in the Revised Finals for ToC11 !! I hope that you both have a good game.

  • Stroid (allies) defeats polarole (axis, G11)

    Axis started with a tank and inf in africa and an inf in belo. UK was able to take egypt back on her turn, leaving axis very weak in africa. But it came at a cost: not being able to sink the german fleet in the english channel. Germany decided to combine fleets at gibraltor but was exposed to a large USA air and fleet attack. This left the germans completely out of africa and the med at a very early round. USA started shucking units into africa, britian harassing germany's northern shores and the russians were growing rapidly. Then in one round, the russian/german border trades went hugley in russias favor. All along, dice favored allies pretty strongly. It made for a very difficult game for the axis. Japan was slow to expand but near the end started making some steam. Japan dropped a couple ground units into alaska and canada, USA responded by buying some air. But USA was able to take canada back, allowing a british bomber is moscow to sink the two jap trans. Japan sent 3 more trans to canada to kill the successful british bomber, but this allowed the american air to sink the jap trans. In the end, allies lost two bombers and the japs lost 5 trannys, pretty big sway for allies. To add insult to injury, USA takes southern europe with 1 tranny and the russian sub floating in the sea zone. Germany, now facing a huge combined allied stack in eastern Europe, sends one bomber to kill the american/russian fleet. But, fitting for the dice of the game, the bomber misses and the tranny hits... This led to a reasonable surrender. Thxs for the game polar, it was fun (for me with all the dice at least).

    Thank-you so much for this GREAT tourney. And thank-you even more for all your leadership and organization in the AA community. You do us all proud and are a great servant-leader. I, on behalf of all the participants and also on behalf of all the former GTO players now on triplea, wish to extend our greatest thanks to you for your service. For my prize money, I wish for you to keep it and take your wife out to a really nice dinner. Tell her it is with Stroid's compliments for all your fine work. Many thxs!

    I have attempted to upload the game save to this post, whether it worked or not we shall see...

    0_1516375369885_polarole TOC finals game.tsvg

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    Congratulations Stroid on winning ToC11, and thank you Polarole as well. You are both excellent players, and I am sure that you are keen for a re-match in ToC12, which I plan to start in February.

    Well done to both of you, and thank you Stroid for the very generous offer, but I do insist in sending both you and Polarole the donated prizes, for such great effort and skill.

    Warm Regards, Deltium

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