Iron War - Official Thread

  • @Frostion

    Sorry to hear of the RL time sink, I know how that goes. Currently up on a move, buried in boxes and packing tape haha.

    Still looking forward to Iron War updates though. I love this map and can't wait to see where it goes next. Especially with the resources ideas for steel/fuel.

    Catch you next round

  • @Frostion It has nothing to do with the map itself. The name of the map in the XML file (Iron War)was different from that in the zip file (iron_war), so it only worked when I changed the map name (info name) to iron_war. The issue was that the map name differed from the name of the zip file. The actual map worked fine.

  • @Frostion Also, I think that it would be a cool idea if you could unlock increasingly better technology with multiple tiers (e.g. better aircraft, ships, nukes etc) so that having a technological advantage would have more effect on the gameplay. It could also be interesting if you added more esoteric special units for different countries, e.g. occult weapons, UFOs for Germany, sea monsters for Japan. It would also be neat if there were some units that you could unlock after a certain point in the game, e.g. intercontinental bombers, more powerful, tanks and artillery, and nuclear missiles.

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