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    I have unzipped some map files and sometimes it seems the engine access the zip and sometimes the directory with the unzipped. Why does this happen?

    When you click "Select Game" it provides a list of downloaded maps (which are .zip files). If I what to create a new map (or force it to use a map in an unzipped DIR, How do I do that?

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    You could/should give the map version you have unzipped a new name. I guess you will do this eventually anyway as it is a new map right? You can't have two maps in your downloadedmaps be the same name but different.

    If you unzip the files from the zip, then you just have to rename the main directory of the new map, as well as rename the mapname property in the XML (down in the bottom of the XML somewhere). These two new names should of course be the exact same.

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    I just delete the -master from the unzipped folder name. You should also just remove or delete the zip file from the triplea/downloademaps folder. Otherwise you will have to rename stuff as @frostion explained.

    An example of a functional unzipped folder structure is as follows:


    And all the other game folders and files can go into the map folder.

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