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  • Hey, I was just wondering how the AI does on this map for anyone else. I am playing the western alliance vs. the hard AI, and they do almost nothing for two of them. I think it was the Baltic and Hattic. For the first 5 turns, they only took one territory. They did a little better after that, but not much. I will get a save game eventually, but was wondering if it was only me.

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    I've played a bunch of games, with a good player, in the past, using the 1 combat round setting (both land and sea). I've a strong belief that, at least under that setting, the game is amply unbalanced in favour of eastern powers, meaning that I think a well played eastern powers will almost surely win even with dice, albeit this is not evident in mid game, where western powers are actually going to achieve a considerable statistic advantage, before Germans eventually crumbling.

    However, the game plays much differently with 1 combat round; so don't even consider this balance judgment, as balance can be vastly different if played at default setting (5 combat rounds, which is almost as good as infinite), which I'm not going to.

    I think there are other issues, especially the technology balance, but I don't think I want to really comment on anything, in the moment I'm not playing the game by default settings (and, by now, it has been a while since I gave up with this).

  • That isn't what I am talking about. I have a save now. tribes.tsvg

    For at least the first 5 turns, the Hattics and Slavics only expanded to a second territory, and nothing else. Even after that, i don't think they got more than about 6 territories. I think it is more likely to be an AI issue than a map issue, but figured i would see if anyone else experienced it as well.

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    @ff03k64 I dont know why the AI acts like that. It has not always done this. I while back, the AI played fine, but atm. it plays pretty weird, with some AI players not being active, not moving to capture the unprotected territories and not trying to expand.

    (@ff03k64 does it sound like we experience the same problem?)

    I also see this behaviour in my new Warcraft map. As in Age of Tribes, the Warcraft map also has the players starting with 1 territory each. It is the idea and crucial that the player expands. Right now only 3 of the 8 players are moving out of the starting territory, and this is making the map unplayable. Even though the AI players can practically just move in and take the territories for free, mostly they just stay put and don't move.

    @redrum I know that the AI on most maps have more than one territory to start with, but the AI should also be able to think and calculate based on ownership of only 1 territory. So is this some think you can look into? Hopefully @ff03k64 can provide a save game that shows the fault. I can also give you a copy of World of War Heroes and you can see the problem yourself.

    EDIT: I now see a savegame posted above 😁

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    @Frostion @ff03k64 Does this happen with the current stable or pre-release or both?

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    @redrum World of War Heroes can only play with the pre-releases. I think because of the variableLists. I I experiance it in the pre-releases.

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    @Frostion Hmm. I ran the first round of AoT with the latest pre-release and all the AI players pretty much expand to all adjacent territories: AoT_test.tsvg

  • @redrum Current stable for me.

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    @ff03k64 Yeah, your save definitely shows poor AI but seems that the current pre-release doesn't have the same issues. There were a bunch of AI attacking neutrals improvements when I was doing a lot of testing on dragon wars which might have resolve the issues.

  • Might it be because the AI is afraid of the animals? Does the AI understand the gaining an mammoth effect?

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    @redrum All the latest pre-releases have trouble with World of War Heroes. The AI only wants to move/play with 3 of the 8 players on the map. As describes earlier, the AI does not want to move the single and only unit it owns. On top of that, the very latest pre-release locks up when the 8 players have had their 1 turn and the minor nations have their turn.

    Would you mind looking at it? I think that it is maybe the same issue that bugs the AoT map. (I gave you a link to download WoWH in chat)

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    @Frostion Alright. I'll try to take a look this afternoon.

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    @Frostion I found the issue. The AI tries to have a land unit in any territory that was adjacent to an enemy territory that has enemy land units (try to prevent giving a free territory and prevent blitz). The logic to do that was missing a check to ensure enemy units actually had movement (essentially the AI thought the 0 move various neutral-ish units could attack it). It also didn't have a check to ignore using an infra unit to do the defending (so some of the players have a 'flag' unit which they were using to block these so they would move their hero). I'll push the changes to the pre-release later this evening but here is a save game showing round 1 after the fix: test.tsvg

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    @redrum This is great news! I cant wait to test it out.
    Btw, did you see/have issues with not being able to reach round 2? Did the pirates have trouble getting past their combat move phase?

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    @Frostion I actually didn't test past round 1 🙂 I can try running it for a few rounds as well to check.

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    @Frostion Yep, there was a bug introduced into the AI around territory effects causing a potentially infinite loop in certain situations. I tested a fix that now let's me get past round 1 and will include that in the pre-release update this evening.

    FYI, some of the players colors like yellow and green are very hard to see territory ownership.

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    @Frostion Here is the PR with the fixes: You should be able to test now with the latest pre-release.

    ron-murhammer created this issue in triplea-game/triplea

    closed Ai fix bugs #5270

  • I seem to be having a problem with the sea ports in the Renaissance age. My understanding is that they are 10 production unit zones like any other space on the map. When I take an enemy port however I don't seem to get the income. Is anyone else seeing this?

    Great work on this map by the way!

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    @deanroy I am glad that you like the map ☺
    Actually, what you experience is the standard TribleA behaviour. When you capture, you only deny the enemy the income, you do not capture and get the income like a land territory.

    @all ... If I am wrong, please join in on this conversation 😁

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    @Frostion and @deanroy it is one of the reasons I love this map

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