Filter unread alert

  • Would it be a good idea to filter out the two "Play By" forums from the query that counts the unread posts?

  • Admin

    If there is no need to read these posts I guess it would be a good idea to filter them out, especially as more played games means more of these posts. But I don't know if this is possible? Anyone who knows? 🤔

  • If someone has access to the forum files and they are PHP and using MySQL or mariadb I can give you the fix.

  • Admin

    @Mahks We're not developing the forum software (NodeBB) + it's running JavaScript/NodeJS on the server side.
    You can ignore complete categories by opening them and changing the eye icon to ignore.
    Currently there's no way of ignoring it by default, but if you think this feature is needed, you can request it there.

  • That ignore option with the category does the trick, Thanks!

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