WWII v3 1942

  • I have problems to win with allies in the map. I give 9 bid to Russia.

    Any advise?

  • I play the WWIIClassic map so thats close and I'll suggest always buy Infantry with Russia and maybe a lone tank when you can and hold Karelia and U.K. needs to purchase Troop Transports right away (3) and a few Infantry and then hopefully with the USA you build a Navy quick to hold the North Sea with the U.K. and once you've secured the North Sea from the Axis, you can then start going for Western Europe and Southern Europe ... by now also hopefully the USA can retake Africa from Germany ... and then put the squeeze on Germany and Russia needs to win the little battles enough against Japan and keeping your Moscow capital long enough for the Allies to take Germany and then eventually the Allies beat back Japan and take its capital and win the game!

    Maintaining a U.K. Airforce is handy to help defend Russia from Japan or Germany ... taking out the German Navy or the occasional Japan Tank. So basically, the key is Russia buying as many Infantry and a few tanks to survive the early German assault and hopefully the other 2 Allies get into Europe quick enough to take down Germany before Japan gets rolling -.-

    good luck!

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    Hi Schulz - first, a 9 bid is a bit too low; most players in '42 play with a 13 bid. I am happy to play a test game with you as the Allies. We can play PBEM if that is OK. My email is 5683deltium@gmail.com

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    @deltium It is amazing if two totally different setup and turn orders just so happen to be balanced for exactly the same bid.😯

  • @deltium

    I would like prefer to play the it via the lobby if possible. I don't know how to PBEM, I used to try it but I was unsuccesfull during
    the v341 tournament.

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