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  • It's my first time PBEM and I followed the instructions for setting up on the Marti dice server:

    The process to play PBEM is very simple. First, you just need to register on the Marti dice server. This will allow you to get the dice rolls for each and every round of battle.

    Brill. Everything works but then when playing the first round I get 51 emails from the dice server. Can I not stop this ie. subscribe from the emails or if I did that, will I automatically unsubscribe from the dice server and hence be unable to play PBEM?
    I realise this might be a bit of a noob question, but I am new to PBEM :face_with_stuck-out_tongue:

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    The purpose of the external dice server is to send the result of every die thrown by mail. This is the only way to prevent from possible cheating.
    There has never been a dice-server-wise setting to filter the emails sent. That would contradict the purpose.

    So the way it works for you is the expected behaviour. 🙂

    However you can use your email-program or email-web-interface (don't know what you are using) to filter the incoming mails according to your needs. Or use a different email-address if you don't want your regular inbox becoming flooded.

  • @panther
    Thanks for clarifying. I know it did sound a bit of a daft question but it is good to know and I suppose it's better to ask than sit in ignorance... 😉

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