Global 1940 2nd edition Tournament

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    Hello - we at TripleA would like to organize the first ever Global 1940 2nd Edition Tournament. However, as I do not personally play this version, I am recruiting an Assistant Tournament Director for this version.

    Please write to me at for further information.

    Thank you, Deltium

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    @deltium You might want to post this over at A& as they have a fairly large Global following and getting someone from there to be assistant director would probably help to recruit more folks.

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    Hi Redrum - thanks for the advice. I'll do that now.

    And....for anyone seeing the post on this website, Just a quick reminder for anyone that is an active Global 1940 2nd edition player. Assistance to launch a tournament in this game would be appreciated, as I am not familiar with the gameplay nor rules. Thanks, Deltium

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