Rule of thumb for defender scrambles?

  • I recently started playing a Global 40 game, and on turn 1 Germany attacks the British fleet, and the German player asks whether or not he should scramble the British air force in defense of the sea zone. Is there a common rule-of-thumb for making that determination?

    I can imagine cases where the British would absolutely scramble and others where they absolutely would not. But for those cases that are less obvious, how do you usually handle them?

    1. Leave it up to the attacking player's judgement (with them using the "what would I do if I were the defender" rule-of-thumb (but running the risk of making the wrong choice and angering the defending player).
    2. Stop and email the defending player and ask how they want to handle it (but also slowing the game down).
    3. Some other method?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    Generally OOL is decided b y email unless a live game.

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    I play extremely few non live games. But I presume the defender should always be given the choice if it is not a live game. So that would mean sending a email to the defender asking how many to scramble or sending him the file to scramble it himself and have him resend it to you once completed.

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